Tom Cruise hides from police on BMW M5 without doors (video)

Tom Cruise hides from police on BMW M5 without doors (video)


The Network published a video in which captured the shooting of the seventh part of the film franchise “Mission impossible”. In the presented frames, Tom cruise’s character escapes from a police chase in a four-wheel-drive BMW M5 through the streets of Rome.

BMW began collaborating with the creators of the film” Mission impossible ” in 2011. Then in the film franchise for the first time appeared a Bavarian model – the concept of a hybrid supercar BMW i8. The collaboration continued in 2018, when the sixth part of the Mission, entitled Consequences, was released on the screens. In it, a team of agents led by Ethan hunt, the hero of Tom cruise, moved around in a new BMW M5 (F90), a BMW 5 series of 1986, as well as a BMW 7 series.

Now, on the narrow streets of Rome, a police chase for a black BMW M5 with missing doors was filmed. Because of the low resolution of the frame, it is difficult to determine who is driving the car. However, given the fact that Tom cruise does not use understudies for car scenes, it is the main character who drives the “charged” sedan.

In addition to the BMW M5, you can see black Nissan GT-R and Porsche Cayenne of the first generation in the frames. Both cars are equipped with mounted cinema equipment, which allows you to shoot a film race at high speed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the premiere of Mission impossible 7 has been postponed until November 19 next year.

In November last year, the company Land Rover and the film company EON Productions released a teaser video with a story about the shooting of the 25 film about James bond, where one of the roles went to the new Defender. The SUV was tested on a special track by a team of stuntmen.

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