Tom Hiddleston On Loki’s Driving Skills

Tom Hiddleston On Loki’s Driving Skills


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three two one go hello again fans of Top Gear welcome back to Dunsfold series 21 and or is it wet but our spirits are not dampened today we have Tom Hiddleston at the wheel of our reasonably priced car these better known perhaps to some as Loki the Norse God from the Thor and Avengers films yeah that’s right that guy but the real question is is he a driving God on our track let’s find out can’t see the track in front of you cuz there’s so many puddles and you also can’t see the puddles and tell you of sliding in them you know it’s great it’s pretty wet it’s pretty windy and Zacks there well that these are the weather conditions we’re dealing with it’s I’m needing a bit weather forecaster top gear and the weather forecast was today great skies with a few showers a light wind if you’re are driving do be careful watch over the puddles I remember to change gears what sort of driver would Loki be I think he would be reckless and angry and he would be sort of gnashing his teeth and and furious at the incompetence of these human machines here we go I’m just going to go here we go this is it don’t get scared come on the rain lets up a bit and I I let go of it and I let her out of it and it was more fun and I think I’m Way faster so very happy

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