“Too bright”: the police were forbidden to ride on the “gold” BMW X5

“Too bright”: the police were forbidden to ride on the “gold” BMW X5


The police in Dusseldorf was detained on the street car a gold color and does not allow an owner to use this machine. The police suggested that shining SUV is likely to dazzle other drivers and can create accidents.

It is reported that the guards had unwittingly intervene after he saw a sparkling car on the road. Stopping the vehicle, they found out that the Golden car is unsafe and other drawbacks, in particular, was made illegal modifications the design of the rear lights and the tailpipes.


The car is temporarily handed over to the specialists for a full check. It will be decided whether this vehicle is a threat to other drivers. The owner had to get home on foot.

The more unusual the car was stopped recently in another German city. Police Hauenstein was deeply moved by the appearance on the Federal highway pink-purple car with a rocket engine and the head of the unicorn. 42-year-old avtoledi not allow further operation of the machine.

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