Too Hot To Handle Harry Gets My Tattoo | The Hangout Ep.2

Too Hot To Handle Harry Gets My Tattoo | The Hangout Ep.2


Hangout with me from home! I have the top car news including Rolls Royce Bees, the Unexceptional Car Show, the F1 and footage of the Lamborghini Vision GT. In Trending, over 12 million people watch a Travis Scott concert in Fortnite the game! AND, on this week’s video call, I chat to the two most talked about Netflix stars, Harry and Francesca, about how the show has changed their lives. Finally, I answer some of your questions. Thank you so much for watching. I love my Supercar Blondie fam. Always here for you. Much love, AlexFollow me on:Https://

too hot to handle Harry is gonna get supercar blondie tattooed across his forward Rolls Royce is making honey not cars and a con service has taken place in quarantine with 12 million people that’s all coming up on the show right I’ve been looking through your drink arrests from the last show Bubba theme he wants an orange juice right oh here we go and Jason Haines wants a rum and coke mate I might join you on that one just take the whole run bottle mate there you go hope you enjoy the show hey guys what’s up it’s supercar blondie welcome to the Hangout Cheers hope you’ve got your drinks out this is gonna be an epic show it promised mmm maybe not all right first up in car news the unexceptional car show has been postponed disappointingly we won’t get to see the most unexceptional and the most run-of-the-mill cars at their annual show until next year 2021 take a look at this footage just to get you excited about those boring cars one of the cars that has really caught my eye this splendid Citroen VX estates which wasn’t as good condition as I hoped and I was looking around and saw this for sale for no reserve and bought it for nine hundred pounds that’s the unexceptional car show that you can look forward to in 2021 but in all seriousness it’s actually become quite a popular show lots of people go to it every year and the point is to shine a light on cars that were quite commonplace in their time but are now actually quite rare I have the most incredible footage of Lamborghinis latest concept car the vision Gran Turismo I was meant to go and film this in Italy very recently unfortunately had to cancel that trip because of coronavirus but check this out here is just a teeny weeny tiny bit of that footage that I’m gonna have for you on a youtube video coming up very soon thanks to marius ascending in that footage rolls-royce may not be making cars at the moment but they are making something else that’s super exclusive and that is honey rolls-royce has the largest living rooftop in the UK meaning they have lots of different flowers and plants on the rooftop of their manufacturing plant just for these bees and each of their beehives actually has a handmade polished stainless steel plaque plus it in front of them these bees are fancy as [ __ ] don’t get too excited though because most of us will never get to taste this really fancy bee pollen nectar honey it’s so fancy that you can only have a taste of it if you are a guest of rolls-royce or you buy one of their cars and you go to rolls-royce in England to get it customized laughs up in car news an f1 update for those of you who are massive fans f1 has confirmed that they want the first race of the season to happen in July in Austria now that is the target things may change but that is the latest news the first few races will be held without fans unfortunately but of course you can still watch it on TV and then later in the year the plans will be as normal that’s what they want one in Bahrain and the final of the f1 to be held just an hour away from where I am in Abu Dhabi alright guys this is my new quarantine obsession fortnight literally or what I’ve been doing for the past six weeks let’s land on top of this thing here 12 million people have attended a concert during quarantine you guys right now good babies how did they get around the social distancing thing Travis Scott actually held the concert in fortnight this game is so popular you guys that over 250 million people have downloaded it alright here we go here’s how the concert starts so Travis Scott has just landed in this epic sighs wow that looks awesome so he just performs his songs in the game as one of the characters that’s pretty awesome you can actually play his character in the game that’s quite a cool feature and you see none of the characters have weapons in their hands that’s because right before the concert starts your weapons get taken away and you actually get given dance moves instead so everyone is like dancing to a concert in there 12 million people watching this concert in a game today’s callers with two stars from the Netflix dating show called too hot to handle after we all finished binge watching Tiger King we needed something else to keep us entertained Netflix did not disappoint this retreat is one of the sexiest people in the world I will read myself a ten out of ten bring that here really did this is literally heaven order which is the sexy people they grab a bunch of hot people from around the world and put them in a tropical paradise they think that they’re for a dating show just a normal dating show but in order to win the hundred grand prize they find out there are conditions to your stay here no kissing or sex or any kind of [ __ ] the two most talked-about people on the show are Harry I’m Francesca they got a little bit hot and heavy on the show and I’ve been chatting to Harry from LA he’s in Los Angeles at the moment about how life has changed for him since the show aired it’s kind of nice because I got to watch the whole like tiger King like become like a global talking piece so I’ve been looking at like the absolute chaos that he’s been going through would like just like overnight Fame and oh my aw that looks kind of stressful and then next you know my show comes out and I’m like laying in my bed having an anxiety attack it like all these like follows it cuz you games like over a million followers in the last week and 300k today today then I spoke to Harry’s reality-show girlfriend Francesca she’s in Canada and she revealed that they still together because it’s been like a year in the making of it so we’ve seen each other a bunch but not since quarantine because I was planning to go see him and then the travel ban happened so United States in Canada like we’re not letting people out or in basically so I was stuck here and yeah we’re basically just waiting for that to me that we’ve like thought about loopholes and we’re trying to figure out a way to like been looking at online marriage license and I will say hi to hurry for you because I’m about to stab did you want me to pass along just tell him I love him I just spoke to your girlfriend Francesca yes and she says that she loves you and that she wants to marry you so are you down yeah absolutely I thought that was proposed going into this show you had no idea actually that you wouldn’t be allowed to touch each other nothing at what point did you find that out was that genuine surprise on the show when you found out how it was said was a grill slow and suspenseful and I remember just going Wyatt my stomach’s sinking and I just like I had to leave for those kind [Laughter] talking cars that you and Francesca kind of uploaded a similar photo with the second car anyway with the green Aventador s last year what’s the deal with the adventure or did you guys just rent that for a day or is that your car or oh no I’m not born like that it was so friend Francesca she’s like hey like these guys gonna let us you know use a car for your birthday all we have to do is like a photo shoot with them yeah and I was like so wait I was like cool yeah at that point I’d never driven like a Lamborghini or anything like that so like the best and I was super excited but my favorite car to drive is I rented one for a bit when I was here and Lamborghini horas oh yeah if you were to get any car in the world right now that’s the one you would buy Oh 100% so actually okay so this silly hand had I actually haven’t explained this to anyone because no one’s ass right so I’ve got zero on my nails so zuru toys is like a global company it’s my one of my best friends and it’s kind of crazy you look like Ana who’s who is the owners but um anyway we’re at dinner when she was here and I was like I want to get into a goat I want to call someone out like I want to call a youtuber out and like go for a boxing match but I was like I know what I like how fast like I want to make sure I have like me best team behind me and she’s like oh my god maybe you should like get like Floyd Mayweather’s team and I was like well if you pay for it they all get your companies Teddy or me and she’s like I guess sweet I was like oh okay cool so I went and like we’re at dinner we’ve had true spicy margaritas we go down in the terrace or like here in LA I get it across my knuckles and she’s just like I’ve got so much love you I don’t know what’s going on so that was like you’re literally like I mean what are you saving the food space for supercar blondie X in the mail mate yeah well the reason the reason why I got so if the fight doesn’t go through if I don’t go and do a boxing match with someone she’s gonna get me in there beginning a truck so I’m kind of like sweet what a deal all right that’s your update with too hot to handle if you haven’t seen it go put some time aside it is really absolute trash but so good to watch answering your questions thank you guys so so much for sending these in this one’s from Scott David Janssen jr. on Instagram and he’s written after this pandemic is over do you plan on purchasing another vehicle I do I’ve had Lucy this is kind of my mini Lucy what a Lamborghini sounds like I’ve had Lucy she was my first advice supercar loved her to bits still love it but I’ve had it for two years now so time to move on catch it Lucy’s out of the picture and so my next car I’m really wanting a rolls-royce like badly a wraith because I think they’re super sexy really sleek and kind of the most sporty looking rolls-royce so I’m actually kind of looking around for one right now and I’m gonna keep you guys up to date I saw two yesterday I’m gonna go and film them again and I want your opinion on that now a question from Facebook Rick Fisher you’re a breath of fresh air thank you love your programs thanks man here’s my question have you ever accidentally scratched one of those expensive cars you drive low I would freak out getting in some of those I freaked out too honestly my oh my god unbelievably I’ve never scratched one of them nothing has ever happened touchwood there’s honestly like I I’m quite a good driver I’ve done I mean I think I’m quite a good driver don’t we all why isn’t working for me now whoa do you back we ready for some nitrous action partly I do [ __ ] myself sometimes driving around five million dollar cars if you have any questions for me just pop them in the comment section underneath this video I would love to read through them I’ll be answering your questions every single week on the show that’s it love you guys please subscribe to the channel like the video give me some love I really really appreciate it I appreciate you alright until next time I wear out you

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