Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars 2019

Top 10 Craziest Concept Cars 2019


These are my top 10 picks for the most amazing cars in the world! In 2019 I spent over half the year living out of a suitcase to hunt down the most unique and incredible cars all over the world! I hope you enjoy this compilation guys! Hit subscribe to see what’s coming in 2020! xx Alex1. – Mercedes Vision GT2. – Audi AI Trail3. – Peugeot e-Legend4. – DS X E-Tense5. – Lamborghini Terzo Millennio6. – Bentley EXP100GT7. – Rolls Royce Vision 103EX8. – BMW Vision Next 1009. – Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow10. – Renault TrezorMy shop –

that’s it it’s gone what’s up guys at supercar blondie and that’s nearly 2020 can’t believe it this video you’re watching right now is a compilation of the top ten cool this concept cars that I found in 2019 in order to track down these cars I spent over 20 days a month traveling lived out of a suitcase for over half a year so if you haven’t yet subscribed please do subscribe to the supercar blondie family alright I think we should just get to it this car is so special it’s got two body guns that is mad mad this is the big unveil oh look at that headline wore these rims come around the back whoo eight exhaust pipes where have you ever seen that before this car was driven in Batman the movie this car you can see is kind of based on the AMG GT right it’s got that kind of long nose and they have basically made an AMG GT look like a spaceship look you’ve got two fuel cap sealing so one here on this side and then the same thing on this side look at this steering wheel so this is kind of like the project one Batman style and then this actually lights up here in the center which looks quite cool and then there’s those eight air vents as well so this is the Audi AI trail this is made for off-roading as I said this is their vision of a car that can take you places where ever you want to go like forest beaches you’ll never guess what’s on the roof you have drones on the roof here they are one two three four five of them and they actually act as spotlights instead of having spotlights on the phone of the car the drones will lift off fly in front of the car and light the way means that you can see even further forward than you would with traditional car spotlights once you’re on the trail say you’ve going hiking in the forest park the car the drones will then actually follow you as you walk through the forest then lead you back to the car so that you always have light hammocks as chairs I’ve never seen that before that is super cool the driver takes that phone and slots it just in here okay and this becomes your – there are no other buttons or levers in the car look there’s no center console where you control anything it’s completely free everything is controlled by your smartphone you only have a wheel or smartphone and some pedals this car can drive all by itself no one in the car as you can see there’s no one inside the truck the door will open welcome to the future it’s fully autonomous no steering wheel however when you want to drive there’s a D Drive mode it’s got my grubby fingerprints on it there we go now check out what happens the speaker comes out and the steering wheel is revealed check this out what thought is pretty damn cool take a look at this you guys this is the Deus Ex e tens it’s based in Paris it’s like a butterfly door on this side and this is a Gullwing door a completely different door from the other side this is a glass floor here so you can see all the way through and then this is a floating passenger seat okay let me show you what’s in here look it’s a little coffee machine take this out have you a little coffee this is how you put it in gear just with this little button hold that down and it will go into Drive oh yeah you are getting [ __ ] you again he’s writing me a ticket no I’m serious this is the turtle Millenia this is what they would picture their first ever electric vehicle to look like and what they’re doing is that they want to move away from like the traditional placement of batteries on electric vehicles you know with a lot of electric vehicles like the Tesla you’ve got the batteries that kind of line the floor like here right what they’re going to do is put batteries kind of where the naturally aspirated v12 would be in a Lamborghini today they’ll put some batteries here some batteries in the front but what’s even cooler is they’re going to generate energy from the body itself the carbon fiber will be self-healing when it detects a little scratch a little nick in the body of the car it will actually emit a little bit of this powerful blue material that will then fuse the carbon fiber back together before it turns into a bigger crack and you have to replace the whole piece look at this this has six thousand LED lights just in the front here around the back here you’ll see this whole part here is a curved LED screen you can actually put anything on here it doesn’t just have to be these lines take a look at how massive these wheels are 27 inch let’s open her up see how it kind of comes out first like this and then this whole side of the car is going to open up that’s how big the doors become massive this door is it’s like a wing looks like it almost could take off it was this way out come on in I’ll show you around so there’s so much going on in here because of course this is what they picture the future of driving to be like I’m gonna pop in to the driver’s seat over here okay this is all crystal underneath here and then a glass surface over the top so this is actually where you would interact with the car you would be able to for example plug in the destination there are two modes autonomous for the future those of you who don’t want to be driving and you can just experience or just to have an experience going from A to B this steering wheel will go in this will actually retract into the back of the car so that this seat can go all the way back just like this one is right here take a look at this what happens here here are the initials of the rolls-royce founders rolls and Royce so the luggage is delivered to you easy on my cereal you know seven-foot-tall you pull that out well the bellboy pulls it out right and off you go and look at this you guys they thought of everything the rolls-royce badge here is also waited boom got yourself a rolls-royce umbrella there is a light here that projects onto the ground this light all the way down here so it looks like a red carpet never seen that before and then sit down on the silk couch is a silk and then this is hand-woven all carpet so thick and soft this is what they picture the next 100 years of BMW to involved this this is my and this is called a live geometry so what happens is when he turns the wheel obviously because this is all enclosed there needs to be some room here for the wheel to actually turn so as it turns this expands and contracts this has little for autonomy meaning it can drive fully on its own but if you would like to drive it you can so it does have a steering wheel and it has pedals we can actually make this steering wheel completely disappear if you want to in autonomous mode that’s it it’s gone good this guy’s pretty cool it’s like it why does it do this because it’s warning you of an object on the road that maybe you can’t see the Ichi silver is in Dubai okay yeah yes and I still have got all my dignity intact and then you would see how it basically actually embraces you so all the different drive modes are here in the middle of the wheel which actually makes it really really easy to control because of course you’ve always got to have your hands on the wheel anyway instead of you know having to put your hands on the wheel and somehow finding buttons down here which is generally the Crescenta console and this is the view from inside I’m gonna duck duck and roll no this way isn’t how amazing is this car what’s up guys at supercar blondie here in Paris and I am with the Renault Tresor and I want to show you around this incredible park isn’t that just crazy beautiful and then take a look at this honeycomb kind of texture here on the top look how that opens up I’ve never seen that before how beautiful does it look it’s not just for design it’s actually for function this is actually designed as an air intake so what it does is it throws air through the batteries here in the front so their batteries here in the front and then batteries in the back this is a carbon-fiber body that has the honeycomb shape all the way through that is incredibly beautiful I have never seen that before these tail lights here look out first of all this is a laser fiber a light you see how you can touch them they’re all little beams running through here and then when you break watch what happens they actually move what you see that what I open up the top again and look how when the top opens these headrests automatically move back so that what you can get in easily though the pedals here you can adjust see this honeycomb shape again running through the tires your fully like enclosed in this glass canopy and look at the vision you’ve got nothing in your way which I really really like you see all the way around 0 to 100 in less than 4 seconds all right guys comment below tell me which one of those cars was your favorite what you liked about it and make sure you hit that subscribe button put the little bell on as well so that you are the first to see my vids as soon as they come out in 2020 my next video is going to be one of the coolest cars of 2020 I have a world exclusive on this 6th of January 9 p.m. PST that’s when it’s going to go live supercar blondie caps if you haven’t got one yet go check him out link to my shop is in the description below it loved this one I would absolutely love to see you rocking my gear it’s actually really exciting for me because when I travel around the world and I see someone wearing a hat of mine or a t-shirt or whatever I’m just like oh my god this is crazy and I’ll literally come up and give you a hug that’s it alright guys love you guys have a fantastic New Year’s happy 2020 and yeah I wish you all the best for your start love you guys bye

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