TOP 10 most reliable SUV

TOP 10 most reliable SUV


Known for his meticulousness, an authoritative British publication “Carbuyer”, called the most reliable SUV’s. And in this rating for us a lot of surprises. According to AUTO-Consulting, some of our sales leaders in the rankings. The most expensive car is not always the most reliable. At the same time, we can say that some of the model-outsiders has been underrated.

Reliability is an important quality for any car, because an unexpected failure can spoil all the fun and attractive design, and ride comfort, and speed. But for SUV reliability is especially important. First, because this class of cars involves high loads, and therefore must have high strength. Second, today’s SUVs are often used as family transport, and disrupt family plans when something does not work, in serious trouble. Particularly problematic this situation can be during family travel, far away from civilization.


To protect buyers from such troubles, the publication Carbuyer annually among the thousands of owners of new cars fundamental Driver Power survey for 31 parameter. In this case, take into account faults that is detected in the first year of operation. So-called childhood diseases, which usually extends the factory warranty.

It should be noted that the British security rating is different from the German, drafted by TUV. In the first – most Japanese models, the second – German.

The first place according to Carbuyer went to Volvo XC40. Volvo XC40 has achieved an impressive reliability index is 98%. At the same time, almost 16% of owners reported faults in the first year, and most of them were associated with electricity and/or electronics. That is – failure, as a rule, was insignificant. In addition to the reliability rating, XC40 took first place for security and the honorable 14th place in the overall standings Carbuyer.

In Ukraine, this crossover is available at a price of 901 522 UAH, and in sales to AUTO-Consulting enters into the five of leaders of sales in its class.

In the second place Subaru Outback. This model is not technically an SUV, but got a rating Carbuyer due to the large ground clearance and all wheel drive. From the point of view of reliability, the Subaru Outback is not far behind XC40 typing 97,24% in this category. Less than 13.5% of owners said that their car appeared to malfunction in the first year, and almost half of these failures were electrical. Outback may not be the most economical car in its class, but it has high ratings in other categories. Version Carbuyer it is the second security, the fourth on the build quality and ninth for practicality. These advantages have helped Subaru to achieve the 17th place among the 75 best cars in the overall standings Carbuyer.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the Subaru Outback one of the top three sales leaders in its class. Prices on the Subaru Outback will start at 1 039 000 UAH.

The Lexus RX received a reliability rating of 96.6%, partly due to the fact that only 9% of owners of this model complained about the malfunction in the first year. There is also an electrician was considered as the main cause of problems. Overall, the Lexus RX to the Carbuyer rating was second on the build quality, third security, practicality and style, and the sixth on the ride comfort.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the Lexus RX is a sales leader in its class D SUV Premium. Prices for it start at 1 485 857 UAH.

There are no such categories in which the Peugeot 3008 would get bad grades. On responses of owners, 3008-th received sixth place in terms of build quality and fourth place in style and seventh in the ride comfort overall rating Carbuyer. As for reliability, he scored 96,09% and only 11.8% of owners reported some minor problems. Therefore Carbuyer Peugeot 3008 recommend for those looking for a family-size SUV.


According to AUTO-Consulting, the Peugeot 3008 takes the 12th position in sales in its class. The prices start from 713 600 UAH.

In praise Carbuyer Toyota C-HR for sharp style. Even despite the fact that it has little impact on practicality. However, the C-HR has received praise in many categories of the British rating. He, in particular, took 10th place in the category “build Quality and safety” and sixth place in the design. The level of reliability of the Toyota C-HR 95.95% can be considered as quite good. Only 14.3% of owners said about the problems. A hybrid C-HR has occupied 25-e a place among all the cars in the rating Carbuyer. Buyers appreciated for its low maintenance and good handling.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the Toyota C-HR is included into the five of leaders of sales in its class. Prices start at 676 692 UAH.

Cheap crossovers, as a rule, do not show very good results in the Driver Power survey, but this year, the best among them became the SEAT Arona. He is at the 22nd place. the highest position among all small SUVs. From 12.3% of owners reporting faults in the first year of ownership, many spoke about the failure of the seat belt. Therefore, it is possible that the number of actual faults in vehicles was much less. The overall reliability has made 95,88%.

According to AUTO-Consulting, Arona takes a SEAT in their class position only at the end of 20 key sales leaders. Prices start from 540 600 UAH.

The British owners surveyed praised the media system in the Lexus NX, as one of the worst among all cars. In addition, dissatisfaction caused the high maintenance cost the Lexus NX. With regard to the assessment of the reliability of this crossover, it’s good – 95,74%. From 88,5% of customers who participated in the survey, the first year of ownership was seamless. Others complained of “bugs” satellite navigation. The NX owners like the style, interior, safety features and build quality. He finished in 42nd place in the overall ranking Carbuyer, but it is higher than BMW X3 and Audi Q5.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the Lexus NX is ranked second in sales in its class, just behind the Lexus RX. The prices start from 1 109 931 UAH. And this is the promotional price.

The Toyota RAV4 scored almost as many points for reliability as Lexus NX – 95,71%. In addition, the Toyota RAV4 finished in seventh place in terms of security. This model received high marks in almost all categories. The fifth part of the problems the Toyota RAV4 tied with the electrics. Complaints were also received on the touch screen, and stereo. But, the hybrid version received praise for efficiency.

According to AUTO-Consulting, Toyota RAV4 sales leader in its class. Prices start from 673 659 UAH.

The Subaru XV has received a measure of reliability in 95,66%. This means that damage in this model is much less than the average. In addition, the Subaru XV finished in fifth place for the safety functions (system Subaru EyeSight helps the driver) and third in riding and handling. At the same time, the owners complained about operating costs. Subaru XV finished 33rd out of 75 of the best cars in the survey Carbuyer.


According to AUTO-Consulting, the Subaru XV is not included in the top 20 sales leaders in its class. Prices start at 685 900 UAH.

Mazda CX-5 received high marks in most categories of the survey Carbuyer. CX-5 is 95,52% a measure of reliability and ninth place in terms of build quality. Interior and comfort the Mazda CX-5 seventh. Problems include faulty electrical systems.

According to AUTO-Consulting, the Mazda CX-5 is a 5 position in sales in its class. The prices start from 759 800 UAH.

Interestingly, among the SUV – leaders of sales in Ukraine, to the Carbuyer rating has not got, for example, the popular and top five best in its class, KIA Sportage, Nissan X-Trail, Hyundai Tucson. This is particularly surprising in relation to the KIA Sportage. This model we had the absolute leader of sales and the same Carbuyer recommends it as the best buy in its class. In addition, the British rating of the most reliable has not got the budget model crossover, which we also among the leaders of sales.

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