TOP 8 popular hybrids from the USA


Hybrid cars attract the attention of an increasing number of car owners in Ukraine. These vehicles combine the internal combustion engine and an electric motor, combines the advantages of both options. They practically have no faults, reliability, stability. The undeniable benefits of hybrids also include low fuel consumption, absolute autonomy, original and modern design.

In Ukraine, these cars are still quite expensive and to buy them only the people with good levels of income. But all of us have the opportunity to buy a hybrid car with mileage from America. So you get a car in more advanced configurations, but for a very reasonable price. The idea is to order a car a hybrid from the USA visited you? Check out 10 most popular auto coy, equipped with a combustion engine and an electric motor that you can drive from America to Ukraine.

The most popular models of hybrids

It’s our TOP 8 popular hybrid car, drive from America to Ukraine:

  1. Ford Fusion Hybrid
  2. Toyota Camry Hybrid
  3. KIA Optima Hybrid
  4. Ford C-Max Hybrid
  5. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
  6. Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid
  7. The Toyota Prius C
  8. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Consider these models in more detail.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

A large roomy car with a hint of sportiness. Excellent quality materials and accessories, stylish interior design, the stable operation of transmission, excellent insulation – all this made the car so popular in the U.S. market, and in Ukraine. But it is low clearance. Average fuel consumption is 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

One of the most high-tech new products in its class. It is characterized by excellent handling, striking, easily recognizable design, leather interior, built-in climate control. And the price of the car is quite decent. The average consumption of fuel of 4.52 liters per 100 kilometers.

KIA Optima Hybrid

Car owners wins its detailed reasoning, high-performance, easy control, stable into the turns, smooth braking. Maintenance is cheap, and clearance is quite suitable for the Ukrainian roads. For 100 km consumes of 5.57 liters of fuel.

Ford C-Max Hybrid

This car can rightly be called a bestseller. It combines the efficiency, spaciousness and roominess of the cabin. This is the choice of families with several children. In its trunk you can safely place the stroller, bike and many other things. Car is equipped with a CVT. So the movement in the peak hours will be as comfortable as possible. 100 km requires about 5.9 liters of fuel.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Combines presentable luxury sedan and power of a sports car. Spacious interior thought to detail the driver’s area makes getting it as comfortable as possible. Consumes about 6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Great car that will surely show itself in the process of operation. It is equipped with many useful systems for increased safety and comfort of travel: cruise control, heated mirrors, excellent multimedia system. At the price available to the majority of citizens of Ukraine. Fuel consumption is 5.1 l per 100 km.

The Toyota Prius C

One of the most available to buyers of hybrids. It is quite possible to buy at auction the United States for 8-10 thousand dollars. USA. And it can be a very decent car with minimal damage and low mileage. Fuel consumption here – just 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

A great option for small families and travel around the city. On low speed of electric motor is enough. Very economical – just 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Company Taurus Group will help you become the owner of one of these cars or any other hybrid. Experts will help you to find the best car that meets your needs, including price.

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