Top Gear Builds A Bridge Burma Specail – Part 1

Top Gear Builds A Bridge Burma Specail – Part 1


The boys have finally started work on their bridge, not that Jeremy is helping much. In fact, he’s pretty much only making the situation worse – as usual. Clip taken from part 2 of the Burma Special.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

The next morning, the dawn light revealed
just how little we had achieved. So, before the morning mist had cleared,
everyone was hard at work. Well, when I say everyone… -Morning, May.
-Good morning. Are you actually going
to do any work today? I have explained this to you
until I'm blue in the face. Officers won't work. Guys! May? Can you hear something? I need a poo! Guys, I've had a thought.
It turns out officers will work. After they released me… -Right, work…
-Remains available. …I immediately decided we needed
more labour-saving machinery so I rented a digger for Hammond and I went for something
that would humiliate May. I'm afraid James has totally wasted
his time bringing that crane here. Go on, son! Oh, no! -What was that?
-It fell over, James. What have you done? -Hold on a minute!
-What? Do you see where
the end of your jib landed? I'd only walked back
to see where the pile was. If I'd still been standing there,
it'd have taken my head off! -It fell over me!
-It almost killed me! What do you mean it fell over?
They don't fall over! -They don't fall over on the motorway!
-What do you mean it doesn't fall over? -You knocked it over!
-Your crane is too small. So, I've got a bigger one
to reach further into the river. My crane is too small.
That's punishable by death, is it? After James had calmed down a bit,
we decided to solve the problem by using the combined power
of Richard's digger and the A-May Van. In three, two, one… Lift away! Yeah! But, with stronger cables,
we soon had my crane the right way up. Excellent… and back to work. Just use this as an enormous hammer so… It's all just delicacy, this. Oi! That little insect that he's dragged all
the way here is simply getting in our way. Oh, well done, Hammond. Hang on. -That's the ticket!
-Hammond! Come on, James, out you come. Spiky things! Even though we were now working as a team and the bridge was starting to take shape,
we were still way behind James's schedule. This side, the blue pegs, represents
how far we should have got by now. The red pegs show how far
we actually have got. -Obviously not far enough.
-It's worse than I thought. So, the three of us worked
on into the night. -Is this long?
-This is long. That's to go to Hammond. -Whoa, stop there.
-A bit further. -I've got it.
-Sure? And even though
we went to bed exhausted… sleep for Jeremy and I was impossible. Clarkson! Funny! You funny man! We were even funnier getting him back in. I think it's the red one. -Is it the red one?
-I don't know. Right, so, hang on, I've got one with
a circle. This one looks like an alien. That bottom one swivels. Jeez… -No, the bottom…
-Oh, it's got a bigger… James, you're falling out your tent!
You've fallen… -He's fallen in!
-Help! -That's an alarm clock, isn't it?
-Oh, sorry, James! The bottom of this river's
made out of turds. -I know.
-Yeah. Try not to drink more than a pint. As I was carried away by the current, I noticed that the end of the bridge was
now beyond the reach of our cranes. So when I returned,
we built a homemade pile driver… mounted it to a home-made barge… And kept right on going. Oh, no! Get it! Stop it, stop it! James! Hold on! I can't stop it! -Get it!
-Get it. Our bridge! Our bridge! Whoa! -Tied up!
-Rescue it! Rescue… That just took hours! I've got it! I've got it! Hold on! Oh, no! No! No! That was a deep bit with…
I'm drowning in… [bleep] Oh, no! Hammond? Man overboard! Man overboard! -How the hell are we ever going…
-This is hopeless This is worse! -Abandon bridge!
-I'm getting back… No… [bleep]

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