Top Gear UNSEEN | Freddie’s Racecraft Training at Dunsfold with the BTCC Crew

Top Gear UNSEEN | Freddie’s Racecraft Training at Dunsfold with the BTCC Crew


Brake tests, holding the racing line, last-minute overtaking and the switchback. Freddie feels the pressure while learning manoeuvres during racecraft training with BTCC drivers.See his progress as he sets out to earn his racing licence in the new episode of on BBC iPlayer now.Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

i’ve driven a few cars around this track but nothing that sticks to it like this it’s gonna have eyes in the back here i’m going to start today by talking through some defensive maneuvers i’ve got to get to the front first i’m talking about defending i have my eye on chasing so the first one we’re going to look at is the brake test coming into hammerhead you want to be on the brakes a little bit harder which will then make me panic it’s not letting through tap the brake back him up go that’s perfect friend get a gap and leave me behind it’s like a dirty chick it’s frowned upon a little bit but you can get away with it sportsmanship yeah yeah little tap on the brakes go flat out go go go go go go go go go so moving on to the next one holding your race in line you’re coming through the follow through sometimes he’ll try around the outside of you adam’s going to come outside turn in watch your mirrors all you do is just push him out to the edge of the track and force him to break squeeze him out to the left run it wide that’s it now go flat flat flat that’s perfect on the power power no you’ve let him do it you can’t let him get that far in front you’ve got to cut him off you’ve got all these ones around you who are proper drivers what is it louis hamilton’s brother i’m feeling pressure i’m feeling it i really am hold your line wipe the lock off run into the grass feeding the grass fred well done all right freddie so we’ve covered defending so we’re now going to move on to overtaking here we go here we go come on then we’re gonna look at the last minute overtake i’m gonna start this at hammerhead get going keep going stay on it stay on it stay on it as soon as you see his brake lights come on you literally just lunge into the corner or a lunge yeah or a lunge all right it is two o’clock [Laughter] lunch perfect off the break good so now we’re going to move on to the last one which is a switchback you want to force him to defend on the way in then as he’s over on the wrong side of the track you pull over to take your normal racing line go out further out down the gear he will run out wide on the exit you then take your normal racing line and switch back underneath him hold him out there squeeze him which then gives you track position and you’ve gone progress again i was getting a bit feisty there wasn’t it yeah it was

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