Top Gear’s Top 3: Supercars | Frankfurt Motor Show

Top Gear’s Top 3: Supercars | Frankfurt Motor Show


Lamborghini’s new hybrid supercar, BMW’s next-generation M supercar and Audi’s supercar… killer. Ladies and gentlemen, the very fastest and most exciting stuff from the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Chris Harris Drives: Series 27: Geneva Motor Show 2019: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

tell him for the top three supercars from the Frankfurt Motor Show now you might notice that we normally do a top five but there were some pretty high-profile absent T’s from this show including Bugatti Ferrari Koenigsegg so we thought we’d trim it down and keep it to podium positions and we start with this really quite special isn’t it this is called the Lamborghini Sean I think I had a girl at school I knew called Sean anyway what is it it’s a hybrid supercar a hyper car even you might say Aventador linear so it’s a big v12 engine mid-engined a serious serious piece of kid but this car is a hybrid in fact it doesn’t have lithium-ion batteries like 99% of all the hybrids out there these days this thing has super capacitors what are those well there are a lot more power dense and lithium ion batteries these ones are placed in the bulkhead between the engine and the rear seats and the thing about super capacitors is they can soak up the charge and release the charge at the same rate so the idea here is you can stomp on the brakes and fully charge your super capacitors and then as soon as you get back on the throttle it releases that energy as a boost up to 80 miles an hour and feels in talk when you’re changing gears it’s a single clutch gearbox like the Aventador so you need that talk feel to smooth out the changes the hybrid motor it’s about 34 horsepower boost not that much it’s attached to the gearbox and that accompanies this massive six point five liter v12 from the Aventador but upgraded with titanium inlets and out produces about 770 odd horsepower add on that 34 you end up with 807 horsepower give or take that makes it the most powerful Lamborghini ever it’s also the fastest Lamborghini ever nought-60 2.8 seconds top speed 217 miles an hour so this car is absolutely not messing around and then we need to talk about the design don’t we because at the front here you’ll notice these lights are taken from the terzo Milenio that was the all elect concept the Lamborghini released a couple of years ago quite striking and as we move down the side of the car they’ve taken quite a few cues from the contact so from the nose across the roof and down to the back that is called the Gandini line one continuous swipe of your finger easy to draw if I knew how to hold a pen and round the back we get more Countach references so the kind of raised rear end the triple taillights that’s all Contessa parently and down the center a version of the Parrish Scorpio periscope EO I’m sure someone will correct me on the internet that I pronounced that wrong which is basically allows you to see out the back through a very narrow slit from the rear-view mirror it’s quite a striking thing but this is what Lamborghini should be doing right proper bedroom poster stuff the interior by the way it’s pretty much a vented or mostly Aventador switchgear but with a new port rate shaped screen in the middle of the dash a sign of things that are to come from Lamborghini and that’s the point of this car it’s not just a one-off showcase to get loads of attention at the Frankfurt Show know the technology is there to prolong the life of their naturally aspirated v12 and v10 engines this super capacitor a hybrid technology this is how they’re going to make those incredible sounding v12 and V tens live on for the next generation of the Aventador the Aventador replacement and for the hurricane replacement too so rest assured Lamborghini aren’t about to resort to turbo chargers like everyone else which is good news price yes I’ve just been told they are building these they’re going to make 63 of them and they’re going to cost two million euros plus local taxes each that’s a bit of a bargain these days isn’t it okay so the BMW of vision M concept and the significance of this car right here is that BMWs M division are gonna build a standalone supercar the BMW i8 of course was never an M product and I have to say we saw pictures of this thing and they was revealed two three months ago and the reaction in the top of your office wasn’t fantastic we didn’t really get the clashing color scheme and the super wedgie shape but haven’t seen it in the flesh I’ve completely changed my mind and I absolutely love it it just looks different doesn’t it it looks interesting and there’s hints more than a hint in fact of the m1 supercar from the 70s in there little bits of I ate maybe in the front end and those flying buttresses we need to talk about the tech on this car because it’s a hybrid like the i8 but it’s done in a very different way behind the back seats you’ve got a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces about 300 horsepower then you’ve got an electric motor on each axle so it’s proper four-wheel drive even when it’s in AV mode and BMW says that even with the petrol engine switched off just in evey mode it is faster than the i8 with the engine and the motors working together which is quite significant so in total its producing about 600 horsepower plug it in at home and it will do 62 miles evey only range so you could realistically use this thing as a commuter car and then come the weekend you cool on the engine and we’ve got the full 600 horsepower naught to 60 in three and a half seconds I think is 186 miles an hour flat out quite senior numbers proper supercar numbers this is called electric orange I believe I’m actually quite enjoying the way that you’ve got that matte silver the electric orange the carbon fibre down there it hurts the eyeballs a little bit but it works this car weighs about seventeen hundred kilos BMW claimed if it had been a pure Eevee it would have weighed to 2.1 tonnes that’s why they’re going with a hybrid that’s not why they’re not making the leap to full electric okay what else going to tell you carbon fibre tub gull wing doors are very sparse interior speaking of which I’ve been given a special nod to be able to sit in this car I haven’t done this before so bear with me I’m going to go bum first and try not to take any of the carbon fiber with me as I get in there we go was that elegant a little bit oh yeah alright so you’re sitting is super low these seats are integrated into the carbon fibre tub and covered in memory foam they’re actually super super comfortable really reclined proper supercar position in front of me I’ve got this incredible butterfly shaped wheel whether that’ll make production or not it won’t I’m not sure and in front of that this curved crystal display which I’m sure in the future dimension will have Holograms and all sorts of augmented reality things dancing across it in fact they do say that when you’re driving at speed in something called boost plus mode then the entire windscreen becomes an augmented reality screen overlaying graphics and the best racing line and braking points on a racetrack for you what else can I show you very Spartan no other buttons in here these according to the press release a gyroscopic couple ders so you’re never going to spill your latte in the BMW vision m-net you didn’t expect BMW to do it like everyone else did you all right right not so much of a supercar as a supercar killer but look it’s the new Audi rs6 I probably be more excited about seeing this than anything else at the show have you ever seen the car that’s more up for a fight than this it’s a proper proper wide boy this 18 millimeters wider than the standard a6 event 40 millimeters wider than the old rs6 it just looks brutal it just looked proper this thing doesn’t it and what can I tell you about it well 4 liter Biturbo v8 592 horsepower it will do nought just 62 and 3.6 seconds will do 189 miles an hour flat out proper senior supercar numbers those and because the bodywork is so inflate it only the roof the tailgate and the front doors are actually lifted from the standard a6 event the whole rest of it had to be changed but I don’t mind that because if you’re going for a top-of-the-range cart and don’t forget the s6 and the s4 of course have now switched to diesel which is a bit of an odd choice but it did leave that Headroom for this to be utterly mental and fortunately Aldi has delivered nobody does fast Estates quite like Audi do they what they done to the chassis well we’ve got self levelling air suspension there’s 48 volt anti-roll bars the same that you get in the Lamborghini ear so it should drive properly we’re not you know expecting handling heroics from this thing tail out power slides but that’s never what it’s been about it’s been about four-wheel-drive maximum grip superfast 8-speed twin-clutch gearbox this car is going to be an absolute beast goes on sale early next year costing from about 90 grand and the big question on everyone’s lips is this or an AMG 63s you

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