Top Gear’s Wishlist: Tesla, Lotus Elise and TVR Conference Call (Part 2)

Top Gear’s Wishlist: Tesla, Lotus Elise and TVR Conference Call (Part 2)


The lads are back with part 2 of their lockdown conference call and this time they’re chatting cars. Fred wants to get a TVR, Paddy’s after a Tesla and Harris has his eyes on a Lotus Elise.Check out Part 1 of the Conference Call: Series 28: The Online Geneva Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

right now I know we forget this sometimes we actually present the car show and one thing we’ve not really been allowed to do is to drive cars so I do you have a few I have a few dreamy moments where I think about what I can drive and right now the car I want to be out in is my 2cv and the weather is so gorgeous and still beautiful and I’d like to be wobbling through the lanes at 31 miles an hour I really would with the with the roof off it’s uh a weaker saw but I did the big night in on BBC one I had to drive Saunders so I’ll draw to London a drove straight back in the day and I’ve got to tell you just driving again turn on the mortar it was heaven you just it’s like what you I’m always a sin if I’ve been on holiday say you’ve gone oh they say you’re nowhere for ten days I love getting in the car when I get back it’s just you getting your carrots that weird feeling it’s real I were you getting your own bed into a cup of tea it just feels good and you get in it and you go for a drive and that’s all worthy of a week how many remember then you remember it’s a Ferrari California and you absolutely gutted that it’s Christ it sadly I am God I haven’t got the California anymore but it’s a lovely car that but we’ve had this argument yes oh it’s a yesterday I’d say pick a couple of things up and like you said it’s like driving for the first time again but ok I’ve got to tell you not that I’m the best as I’ve proven so far on the shore I was terrible it was slow but it dragged me you know I don’t know what it was it was it was I was so excited but at the same time I knew I wasn’t driving particularly well but I just enjoyed what what did you take out well but I’ve only been out three times since it’s all gone down I think and I’ve second the Camaro out I got off Chris once yeah which was fun oh and that’s why I was wondering about that because I thought he’s not much on the roads and that comes going the street what the hell’s that is a flyby well that’s the thing you get pulled over what necessary journey are you doing in this I’ve been and also as well it’s got no petrol in and I can’t be bothered going the garage and filling up and so I thought the x7i yesterday was just lovely I’m missing the other one I’m I’m missing it always where is it seven where is the m5 m5 at a crack in the windscreen so it’s gone it we’re back before I went to ours so I just said look keep hold of it for now I’ve got the x7 and the Camaro or the XL had it yeah no I’m not again no what about it to drive is lovely and I get the fact that it’s big and it’s not for everyone the way it looks what you get seven people it it’s never gonna be beautiful it’s a massive car they’re not gonna be lovely not everything can be big and beautiful not everything just what do you think do you think it’s fate do you think it’s fate that you with your issues I’ve got a car that looks like it’s got massive teeth can you can you get a bit of bread stuck between the grille no you do when you’re out with us I’ve got to say though when we did the 24 hour one in the electric cars I’m a bit of a comfort you had an electric car we had two petrol of hybrid things you you had the best car by a mile I loved it I still I’m still not I’m still not set on the actual look of it but being in it and driving it and operating it I loved it that’s one thing about it which sort of if we can talk about but it as social media you ever put a karaoke machine in a car oh yeah yes I don’t care about Bill Gates all these people karaoke in a car in a car Megan it was Meg we we we must have done about six or seven different tracks with Arthur Wigan rounders look at that Right Said Fred getting their bum back together anymore I’ll reenact it no get my path Criswell rom cards you know before I went to Oz yep I borrowed one of them McLaren GT you know the new one oh you like that didn’t you me every see now it looks the wheels that I know it’s not the fastest McLaren about pudding doesn’t matter before it was beautiful and I went in and before I went so as I was going down the route of maybe a GT maybe a 720 and I got I got a deal which I fought you know what this is a cracking deal and I went to Oz and slept on it and then didn’t do anything about it and I’m so pleased because they’re just coming down again on this one yeah game time you you imagine if you’d bought a car I end mortar four months ago you’d be absolutely got it wizard I ordered a new car in January and it was supposed to arrive on the day of the lockdown and they didn’t deliver it so I’ve saved a couple of months in finance it’s an BMW m2 of a competition I’ve wanted one for ages and it’s supposed to be delivered the day before the lockdown I’m really glad but it’s probably worth half what it was it’s already worth half and I’ve never driven it but this is well Christmas I was like at the end to see yes oh don’t do that now and now I’m thinking I’m so I’m so pleased I’ve not got anything and I keep looking at cars and I don’t know probably lots of people out there happily just wondering what to do I’m just where I suppose is it I think you’ve got to wait hmm yeah it’s funny in it because uh I thought since you put that Sessler and then What did he say the other day was out when he along with one of his pills as wisdom saying something like sure prices are far too I really and he knocks about four billion when the price if he’s on shares and I’ve got to thinking when all this ends and the dust sells I might look at a Tesla but God knows how much though because without fellow running things Jesus anything’s possible what about the boss of Ford last week did you hear him going Google what he’d he just had a bit of a kind of meltdown in an interview and just went there is no future there eh kept saying there is no future the Ford family I think where did you could you maybe adjust your comments he’ll always be a future for a forcus I think they’re like they’re like cockroaches when it all ends they’ll still be for kiss he’s driving her own um the mighty escorts he’ll still be living the dream oh my men sent me a picture the other day he’s been doing lockdown finishing off is xr2 I oh well I said you were picture than I Kris I send your picture of it this black is absolutely beautiful it’s I was gonna say he was gonna sell it and I was saying now you got a key you don’t have to say keep up keep hold of it he’s done it with his son I said when he’s older your sonic we saw an ice cream that drive the car at you and I’ma put together one thing I’m gonna do at the end of this is I’m gonna order a Caterham kit you can I’m gonna try and build it with my eldest boy I just really wouldn’t do that the idea of having a car that you built with your boy and and it wouldn’t have much bad habit that low powered one British sports car I have to say low powered British sports cars really appeal I’ve been looking at Lotus Elise is earlier legislators this morning can’t get em can’t get em got that sure you open the door is a shelf and I can’t I can’t get nut shell does that doors mired in that same on the bottom box I’ll just blatantly copied it being too sweetie yeah you get him one of them and it’s that wide to get you to get get your leg over and get me hey it’s ridiculous I think you sat on floor it’s that a tattoo of you got is there like did you have some dog poo on your leg why what can we not have a nice conversation because that is good well that would it party were chatting about can’t wait it will go and lovely that it will go and love that there’s two things I need talking out of God one is I don’t know if it’s boredom or because of my age and I a bit of an itch he’s getting my motorbike back on the road redeye I think the motorbike is a wonderful thing but you’ve got to be calm Fred you’ve got to be calm Fred’s you’ve got to be sensible Fred you cannot be – Fred that tried to kill me in a Ford a couple of months ago then I’ll endorse it all right so that’s the nor even a number one is I’ve always loved TV ads and you talk about English cars I’ve always loved the TVR Chimaera Chimaera 450 they were gorgeous cars I nearly bought one I knew they bought when I got the box there yeah I was gonna get a TVR and I went to the factory I went round and chose colors and parents and seats either a silver one and this sounds terrible and I didn’t go in for this but it was lovely with a green roof Oh lovely May it was beautiful and I got a great deal or I’ve got a good deal I had a man who works at factory but I couldn’t I couldn’t get insured full of the money like no one would insure me so I got the Box in instead which was which was a mistake but I love the TV eyes I think they stand up now looked wise to be fair though it’s worked out well because the Box did was living the dream in Ethiopia yeah pulled by necessarily goes

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