Top manager of Toyota called electric cars evil


Gill Pratt, CEO of the Toyota Research Institute who is also the Chief Scientist, has released an article titled “Carbon is Our Enemy.” In it, he explained why a total focus on the production of electric cars is wrong.

We should note that Pratt is the owner of a Tesla Model X, and he begins his post with the words “I love electrified cars.”

However, he believes electric vehicles are not a panacea to save the climate. The first reason he called the assembly of components for such cars involves the use of a significant amount of natural resources and emissions from factories that are involved in the production chain.

Pratt emphasizes that it is better to use compact batteries in hybrids than to produce one car with a huge battery.

Pratt also writes about the individual use of cars: someone only moves from home to work, while someone needs a really long-range vehicle. In other words, the lineup should include a vehicle with a variety of powertrains, not just electric ones.

Today Toyota does not have electric vehicles in its lineup, except for the hydrogen Mirai sedan. The first-born will be the Toyota bZ4X crossover, and by 2025 the company is going to introduce 15 electric cars.

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