Top Secret Porsche 919 Revealed

Top Secret Porsche 919 Revealed


This is the Porsche 919 and chances are you’ve never seen it. There is only 1 of these in the world. Today I show you one of the coolest cars in the world and take you around what makes this car so special. Thanks to @Porsche You can follow Supercar Blondie on:

check this out guys i bet you’ve never seen this car before come around there’s only one in the whole world and it’s here all right come around this side with you guys thank you okay awesome let’s do this these down okay ready all right any guesses come on you got to see the back oh my goodness what what is that this is amazing right two seconds this guy’s is porsche’s next hyper car this is the porsche 9 1 9. this right here is the only 919 ever made by porsche a car this special needs a whole team behind it they’re flown over from germany just to look after this car that’s it that’s perfect perfection all right you guys might know of a car called the 919 hybrid just a really quick background that car was super successful in the 24-hour le mans it actually won three years consecutively from 2015 to 2017 then they were like let’s make that racing car into a street legal car so this is the street legal car of the lamar winning racing car now let me just take you through some of its features porsche laser lights you got the the really thin badge here because again everything is based off the racing car so it needs to be as lightweight as possible around here it’s actually hybrid and it has 900 horsepower now it’s got the lemur packet which is the lamar package basically because again it’s based on that car with the big fin it also has that on the racing car even bigger actually and you’ve got around the back here i love these tail lights look all the way down here one line all across the back and down here as well huge rear diffuser and you’ve got the porsche logo here which i love i would all light up and you’ve got the exhaust pipes coming out on the roof so on the back on the top now that is the same as the porsche 918 the hyper car we all know and love okay here’s the story guys this should have could have would have but wasn’t going to be the successor of the 918. this was going to be the new improved version this was going to be porsche’s newest latest hyper car but the project got abandoned what you’re looking at right here is the only 919 in the world now why was it abandoned because it looks amazing right you’re like no i’ll tell you why around here they wanted to make the race car accessible to the everyday driver so you and me right it’d be a street legal car but they kept the racing engine in it so it has an lmp1 engine just to start this engine would take 45 minutes so if someone had this in their garage say here in dubai you would have to have flying doctors come in fly over from germany and start your car for you every time you just wanted to like take it for a spin which obviously is crazy and just not sustainable like you can’t do that just for like a road legal cast so very unfortunately they abandoned the project so this right here will never come to be sadly that’s the only time in its life that he has been on a plane so it flew from germany to dubai to be with us here today so that we could share it here on the supercar blondie channel so a massive thank you to porsha here at porsche in germany porsche middle east for arranging this for us today it is just so incredible to see up close all right that’s it guys i hope you like the vid like subscribe all that stuff we’ll see you later you

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