Awards 2021: 18 best cars of 2021… 1 shock winner! + Chris Harris picks his MVP Awards 2021: 18 best cars of 2021… 1 shock winner! + Chris Harris picks his MVP


Welcome to the awards 2021! Join us as we hand out awards for fast cars, family cars, practical cars, and would it even be a video if there weren’t some impractical picks dashed in there too..? #TopGear #TGAwards2021Chapters0:00 Intro1:09 Chris Harris’ car of the year4:21 Hyper GT of the year6:24 Saloon of the year 7:29 Engine of the year9:31 Car we’re most looking forward to driving in 2022 10:19 Paddy McGuiness’ car of the year14:20 Family hatch of the year 15:02 Manufacturer of the year 15:50 Freddie Flintoff’s car of the year18:37 Luxury car of the year 20:40 All the car you need… award21:15 Family car of the year22:16 Concept of the year 23:50 Design of the year 25:20 Crossover of the year 25:52 American car of the year 26:48 Apocalypse-proof car of the year 27:29 Performance car of the yearWhile you’re here, why not order your copy of the TopGear Magazine Awards special edition + bonus TopGear Supercars 2022 Calendar direct to your door: Digital download edition also available from your app store on iOS and Android devices.Save 52% when you subscribe to TopGear Magazine – 12 issues for just £29.99 (UK only – overseas subscription also available with discount): Electric Awards 2021: Magazine Speed Week 2021: Chris Harris on… Restomods: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

hello and welcome to the awards 2021 we’re here in the east midlands to give thanks to the very finest cars of the year alleluia we’re going to be handing out awards to fast cars family cars practical cars very impractical cars we’ve got the lot and we guarantee you if you buy one of our awards winners you will not be disappointed but before we dive in just a few plugs make sure you head to for loads more awards related content subscribe to our youtube channel and pick up your copy of top gear magazine the award special before they sell out a bit like these bad boys have yeah they actually made these can’t buy them anymore oh so good on with the show and we kick off with chris harris’s car of the year yes which machine has most impressed top gears own oversteer overlord and i can reveal believe it or not it is the honda jazz not really it’s this the porsche 911 gt3 now it’s hardly surprising is it that this car is brilliant but that doesn’t make it any less brilliant the gt3 has long since been the definitive sports car and this latest version remains utterly sublime on road and track but don’t take my web for it here’s chris expressing his opinions through the medium of wanging around the racetrack this is what driving is all about does it feel profoundly different to a 991 gen 2 no it’s incremental again it just feels like everything has been worked on it’s the front of the car that’s better though love the steering and the four-wheel steering means the car turns so well carry really silly speed at times yeah okay okay in this short exposure to the car i can tell you now if you have an opportunity to buy one of these do so it’s a car you want to hustle i love these things when we’re all electric we’re gonna miss this and because it’s just not possible to have too much harris here’s the big man to explain why the gt3 is his mvp um so because i like to bring it back to the real level the two the two standouts for me are gt3 and that huracan sto yeah and i’ve actually got i can tell you why now i choose the porsche because the huracan actually is a more exciting motor vehicle coming up in saying that it’s one of those things that just makes you feel alive we just shot the tv film on tuesday and you know putting big third fourth gear transitions in it shows a how much balance it’s got and what a rioter is and that engine i mean wow what an engine if you could if you put bolts and michelins on it it’d be it would be better than a gt3 but at the moment gt3 gets it i just what is it about porsche with those cars that’s the essence of the company for me they’re so clever they’re so impressive there’s this little car they make called the gt3 which they don’t make many of it’s a pretty rarified product but they just smash it out of the park you’d have thought maybe there’s some complacency there now because let’s face it they could launch the old car again and they’d sell every single one twice over but they come out with a nut they take another step double wishbone front suspension on a car you have a look under there there’s no room for that i’d have a touring with a manual gearbox because i think these cars should be used and i think if you drive one i get hammered for the fact i drive i don’t have a wing on my gt3 but you drive it every day and these cars should be driven every day the number of clowns that park them in garages get out and drive the bloody thing moving on to our hyper gt of the year a car that will take you very far very fast and probably put a very big dent in your bank balance and the winner is this the pininfarina batista the 1800 horsepower pure electric masterpiece and the sister car to the rimac nevera it’s ballistically fast it’s ballistically luxurious it will do 300 miles on a single charge if you drive it carefully which you won’t but then again if you’ve got enough money to drop 2 million quid on one of these you probably got enough cash to put a few rapid charging points between your mayfair mansion and your courchevel chalet and speaking of glamorous locations here’s what happened when i took the batista for a spin around miami imagine for a second you had the money to buy yourself one of those the two million pound pininfarina batista the rimac navera based italian designed pure electric hypercar what would that be like oh man all the blood just went to the back of my body that’s ridiculous it is absolutely outrageous that a car that weighs over two tons that doesn’t have any marketing around it saying it’s supposed to be good on track it’s supposed to be the more laid back sibling to the rimac nevera and yet it can do this on a track what it offers is not only brain melting it’s also completely unique generated a lot of comments that video mostly about my shirt on that bad boy since 1997 so for outshining my shirt to the hyper gt of the year is the pin and farina batista and now we must move on to a more traditional category saloon of the year the three box that rocks our socks but the winner is far from traditional actually because it’s this the new bmw i4 yes the company that forged its reputation on petrol-powered saloons is going properly electric and it’s doing so with conviction this m50 model here actually has more torque than an m3 so you’re unlikely to be embarrassed away from the lights unless you happen to be parked next to a pininfarina batista but perhaps the most interesting thing about this car is in here yeah look at that check it out it’s um it’s just a regular four series really there isn’t even any eye or electric badges on the outside of the car and that’s the point with the i4 it’s not willfully different it’s just a bmw saloon that happens to be powered by electrons and it’s all the better for it from the very electric to the very definitely not electric it’s time to crown our engine of the year we’re looking for a mill that thrills a power plant that enchants and the winner is nestled in the extremely shapely rear of this the singer dls yes it’s a traditional air-cooled 911 flat six but it’s also so much more than just a traditional air-cooled 911 flat six it’s got throttle bodies with twin injectors per cylinder it’s got valves made of sodium filled titanium and what all that means in practice is this noise spine tingling hair raising made prickly noise we’ve forgotten how important it is haven’t we when all around is going electric let’s hear it for a car that celebrates sound well here we are in the old porsche 964 doing things a porsche 964 has never been able to do before this is something very different but still very much an old 911 as i shall now demonstrate because if you lift off and turn in you get slides what an engine and let’s face it the body work it’s wrapped up in isn’t too shabby either this by the way woven from the eyelashes of scandinavian princesses not true of course but it could be and that’s what’s important moving on to our next award which is for the car we’re most looking forward to driving in 2022 otherwise known as the just build it already award and it goes to the lotus emira yes hethel’s answer to the porsche cayman is nearly ready and wow it makes me massively happy to be able to say that so yes it’s a sports car it’s going to cost from under 60 grand you can have an actual manual gearbox but if this car is as good as we think it’s going to be it could also be a bit of a bargain supercar because you’ve got supercar looks you’ve got around 400 horsepower and the most powerful version which let’s face it is enough to be getting on with and because it’s a lotus it should go down a road like a lotus too we’ll find out very soon can’t wait moving on to paddy mcguinness’s car of the year now last year the pride of bolton chose a massive ice cream van this year he’s gone for something a bit quicker he’s gone for this the aston martin victor and yeah it’s quite hard to argue with this one isn’t it it’s a complete one-off it’s inspired by the greatest hits from aston martin from the 70s and 80s and it’s built around an 800 horsepower naturally aspirated v12 and as for how it drives over to paddy oh my word this is not right he’s gone man he’s got absolutely no turbos for efficiency no hybrid for economy victor is an absolute old-school monster as for how fast this monster will run though because it’s a one-off nobody quite knows but what i can tell you is this he’ll get past 60 in first gear 98 seconds so in conclusion not to 60 very very small number max speed very very big number right enough of that now time to give the old ticker a rest and here’s paddy to explain why he chose our mate victor as his car of the year hello there uh my car of the year 2021 would have to be i mean it’s been a tricky year on it we’ve had the fuel shortages electric cars have come to the forefront everyone wants one now so my car of the year would have to be the v12 gas guzzling aston martin victor at 4 million pounds because you’ll never see it you’ll never get to drive it i did and i’m sitting here very smug it was before the shoot fuel shortages and i absolutely loved it as a visceral driving experience you’re never going to top that i think driving the victor the bit that stuck with me the most would have to be the sheer uncomfortableness of it all i mean i was sweating a lot wiping it out my eyes this car’s four million pound there’s no work on in it you know all these things in a in an iron car oh con cup holders oh forget all that this was just a pure driving experience uh so i think for me weirdly enough as fast as it was i how it handled and everything else it was just the heat of being in that car and the sweat running into my eyes and thinking i have never driven anything like this ever and i probably never will again the boys were jealous i got to drove the victor um and i think last series i drove a three and a half million pound db5 they weren’t best plays about that however so i think you know it shows you the producers the kind of thing and these these are expensive cars they need to be in a safe pair of hands we’ve all seen our wrists spinning about and doing donuts no one wants that in a four million pound car and fred there’s always a possibility of him turning it over so uh yeah it was just when i think deal with it boys deal with it time for something just a teeny bit more real world with our family hats of the year award and it goes to this the brand new renault mcgann it’s another electric car but like the bmw i4 what we love about this thing is renault hasn’t tried to reinvent them again as some sort of coupe inflected crossover with suicide doors no it’s just a regular hatchback we like hatchbacks renault’s been daring by staying conventional if that makes sense as madeira or grandad used to say when the river flows the fastest the bravest man is he who stands still very wise man very wet feet moving on to manufacturer of the year this is the car company that’s pumped out the finest selection of cars right across its range excellence in all areas like daley thompson and the winner is hyundai just look at this incredible lineup of cars we got here we’ve got hot hatches we’ve got hot crossovers we’ve got hydrogen fuel cell cars we’ve got an electric car that looks better than pretty much anything else out there hyundai is smashing it right across the board at the moment now we’ve known for a while that the koreans are coming but that’s just not true anymore they’re here and they’re doing it better than pretty much anyone else out there so chuck hamnida hyundai which means congratulations in korean well congratulations all my foot is stuck in your elevator next up freddie flintoff’s car of the year now last year as his new car of the year mr flintoff chose a 1992 jaguar xj220 but this year he’s really been studying that rulebook and picked something that you can not drive on the public road and you definitely can’t go in the showroom and buy one because he’s chosen this the geneta g56 gta yes it’s a race car specifically the race car that turns mr flintoff into a bona fide racing driver take a look at this this is bonkers how do i get myself into these situations i need a wii no no no no no no no no no round eight of the 2021 gt cup championship gets underway besides contact and that’s john seal who’s got into the back of john dylan oh they’re all that it is that’s breaking breaking let’s stay in the backswing and here’s top gear’s british sporting legend to explain why he chose this british sporting legend as his car of the year my favorite car of 2021 is a tough decision i enjoyed driving the old range rover on the shore i love the corvette particularly the price it’s at but the one car which i experienced more emotions in than any car i’ve ever driven in my life was a geneta going for me license having my first race and then somewhat being the underdog as well as a car it’s leeds i know it’s the wrong side of the pennines i’m from lancashire but it’s a local firm and i had so much fun nearly two years i doubted myself all the time while sat in that car and i absolutely loved it the thing that stood out with the car to begin with was the noises you know i’m used to driving a road car on a track driving a car which you can drive on the road this is a race car it makes clunks it makes noises that i’ve never heard in my life before i wasn’t quite sure if it was meant to make them noises i didn’t know how far you could push the car i didn’t know what the limits of it was driving with slick tyres for the first time that was an experience um but it was one of them cars the more time that i spent in it the more i enjoyed it which is very different to what i’m usually like i remember i went to taj mahal once i got there that’s all i was going now but the geneta i just wanted to stay in it a way to keep driving it and driving it and driving it moving on to our luxury car of the year what we’re looking for here is the automotive equivalent of a day at a posh spa something that will leave you feeling relaxed pampered probably significantly poorer and the winner is the mercedes eqs this all-electric luxury limo is whispering quiet it’s effortlessly powerful it’s jammed to the brim with technology and cow now personally i’m not sold on the looks it’s a little bit gloopy to my eyes but clearly that bar soap design is very good for range because this mercedes claims will do over 400 miles on a charge despite the eqs weighing the same as luxembourg and speaking of range here’s olly q enjoying a dash of luxury on a very long drive across britain it’s half past six in the morning in edinburgh which you’ll recognize already if you know your castles now i’ve had a lovely haggis for breakfast but i’m gonna have my dinner in london right we’ve left the grandeur of edinburgh castle behind us and we’re threading our way out of the city which is luckily pretty quiet so far this morning it’s telling me i’ve got 370 miles of range which is loads but my destination is exactly 400 miles away though that distance keeps growing and shrinking as the car calculates different routes depending on where there’s traffic so that’s quite clever oh it’s gonna be so close that clip’s from an upcoming film where olly q attempts to drive from edinburgh to london on a single charge and you can find out whether he made it or not when the full film goes live in the next few weeks moving on to our all the car you need award now in the office we always called this the volkswagen golf award as in if you want a car that does everything well just get a volkswagen golf but we don’t think the golf is the answer to that all the car you need question anymore we think the answer is this the new skoda fabia it’s not surprising it’s not revolutionary it’s just really really good and it runs on a crazy thing called petrol available on all four courts most of the time it’s straightforward it’s simple it’s fab ah time to move on to our family car of the year award and this one is a showdown between the skoda enyak and the ford mustang mackey now both of these cars came out on top in recent magazine group tests so they’ve come through the heat this is the final the battle royale the winner takes all the i’m struggling to build any tension here aren’t i james have you got any tensiony music ah that’s better the family car of the year is the ford mustang mackey now when ford first slapped that mustang badge on the front of an all-electric crossover we were skeptical but while this car is very much not a mustang it is a cracking family car it does all the boring practical stuff really well but it’s also been made with a bit of love like it’s been made by people who care about cars for people who care about cars if not badge heritage from something very practical to something utterly impractical it’s time for concept of the year and the winner is the porsche mission ah not only does it preview an electric one make series it also gives us a glimpse at the styling of the next-gen all-electric cayman and you know what that’s fine by us because it looks awesome now when we spoke to porsche we asked if we could get the car for the awards they said sure we could fly it over to be in your little hangar or you can come to los angeles to drive it we went with option b we need to talk about the future of motorsport because we’re worried about it aren’t we i was but then i drove the porsche missionary what i love about it is what it means for the future of motorsport can you just imagine a gaggle of these tearing around as an f1 support race it would be amazing so it’s built around a steel space frame but really that’s not important because it’s not designed for anything particular at the moment other than putting on a hell of a show so much good through that corner love it changes the direction ah this is awesome moving on to design of the year and it’s a bit of a surprise this one in fact you could call it a mocha shocker yeah so fair to say that we weren’t exactly fans of the last generation market in fact we actively disliked it but this car it isn’t hateful it’s really good looking it’s crisp and it’s modern and when we told vauxhall that they’ve won design of the year and they’ve finished popping the party poppers they said to us would you like an acceptance speech from design boss mark adams and we said sure on one condition that he’s not allowed to say the words top gear thank you award or voxel mocker so i want to thank top gear for giving us the design of the year award for the all new vauxhall markers okay all right well look we really appreciate the recognition that you’ve given us for this fantastic new car and it’s the first car that shows our new design dna that we will have across many vehicles in the future in fact starting next year the all new astra and grand land will take many of the design cues of this and then again after that many exciting vehicles to come so hopefully that means we’ll be back again here soon moving on to our crossover of the year now crossovers are all the rage at the moment but let’s face it most of them are not very interesting but our winner is because it’s this the kia ev6 the slightly sportier slightly weirder looking sister car to the hyundai ioniq 5. it’s got a very distinctive bottom is pure electric it’s great now again we’re not handing out all these awards to evs because they’re electric it’s just that electric cars right now happen to be some of the best executed cars out there next up is our american car of the year the best auto from across the pond and the winner is this the brand new ford bronco now this is the first all-new bronco since the early 90s and as we all know reinventing an icon is never easy for every new mini there’s a new beetle but we reckon ford has got it absolutely bang on with this car just one issue you can’t officially get your hands on this car in the uk however you can unofficially get your hands on this car thanks to a guy called clive clive sutton yeah the steering wheel will be on the wrong side of the car but who cares about a detail like that when you’ve got something that looks as good as this and is this capable off-road now this thing should be able to withstand pretty much anything short of a direct meteor strike but if you want something that’s even more indestructible what you want is the winner of our next award the apocalypse proof car of the year which is the pro-drive brx hunter it’s pro-drive’s latest dakar contender it’s been designed by ian callum it’s been designed to tackle the toughest terrain on the planet now unfortunately we don’t have one here in the hangar today despite the fact that it’s built about eight miles down the road but we did find some time to gratuitously skid one around a wet duns fold recently childish yes entertaining also very much yes moving on to another crucial category performance car the year now there’s been several big horsepower big names launched this year like the ferrari sf90 the hua can sto so we’ve given it to this little fella the hyundai i20n yes we know that it has less horsepower than the windscreen wiper motor in an sf-90 but it is a proper old-school hot hatch it’s simple it’s fizzy it’s addictive it’s a car that reminds us just why we love hot hatches so much in the first place as only marriage will now demonstrate it’s a proper straight talking hot hatch this i mean if you look at what else is out there besides the fiesta st i mean what have you got you’ve got the 208 gti the polo gti the mini cooper s this has more attitude and sporting intent than any of them less than 25 grand for this yes the hyundai i20n is our performance car of the year but ladies and gentlemen stop the presses hold the front pages other newspaper related metaphors because the i20n is also our overall car of the year cue the digital glitter no idea what that looked like yes the hyundai i20n is the overall car of the year for 2021 and if you’re wondering why have we given our grandest prize to something that’s small simple and sensibly priced all i say is make sure you drive it because it’s brilliant it’s so much fun it will put a smile on your face and you can buy one for under 25 grand and we reckon that’s something worth celebrating so chuck hamnida hyundai still definitely not saying that right am i and that’s it for the awards 2021 just don’t forget to buy the magazine buy the website buy my shirt from the pin of arena video if you want thanks for watching good night you

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