Totally new Rexton: teaser and premiere date

Totally new Rexton: teaser and premiere date


SsangYong company warned that on November 4 it will present” all new ” (All New) SUV Rexton, and showed teasers. Obviously, the flagship will pass to the next generation – the third, fourth or fifth, depending on how you count. The current one bears the designation G4 even in the form of a clone, so the Koreans will talk about the fifth generation. However, there are fears that the reform is nothing more than a deep facelift.

Koreans are focusing on new optics. It looks like this is not just led, but matrix headlights. Octagonal lattices for the brand have never been used before, either in the series or on concepts. In General, sharp and sharp edges in the appearance became much more, which is why Rexton visually matured, if not matured.

No old details are visible on the face or stern. It seems that the body is indeed All New. Another thing is the filling under it. Today, the Rexton is equipped at home only with a 2.2 turbodiesel (187 HP, 422 Nm), Mercedes ‘ “automatic” 7G-Tronic, rear and plug-in 4tronic all-wheel drive.

The current Rexton (4850? 1960?1825 mm, between axes 2865) entered the South Korean market in the summer of 2017. A year ago, he underwent a facelift that changed the structure of the grid. Now prices are reduced and lie in the range of 34.4–44.16 million won ($30 000– $38 500).

It is assumed that the new Rexton will retain the 2.2 turbodiesel and will still receive a gasoline engine from the Mahindra mStallion family, for example, the 2.0 TGDi turbo-chetverku (190 HP, 380 Nm). The choice of gearboxes is potentially small: either the 7G-Tronic or the six-band Aisin “automatic”, which recently appeared in the Mahindra Thar SUV. Of course, multimedia capabilities will be expanded, and security will be improved.

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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