Toy Tesla, signed by Elon Musk, will be sold at auction

Toy Tesla, signed by Elon Musk, will be sold at auction


Memorable merchant Autographia and the creators of the HODL token will be holding a unique auction. A lot will be put up for sale, which will include a physical object and three NFT certificates. We are talking about a toy Tesla Model X, personally signed by Elon Musk, a digital copy of the car, a video with evidence and 500 collectible NFTs in honor of the opening of the HODL Diamond marketplace.

The auction will end only in six days, but now they are offering 0.4 WETH (ether, the basic means of payment of the Ethereum blockchain network) for a typewriter autographed by Musk. In dollar terms, this is $ 1,325. After the completion of the auction, the author of the maximum bid will receive a real lot and a digital copy, and together with a certificate from one of the main international authentication systems – Beckett. Also, anyone can buy a branded NFT from the HODL Diamond Marketplace, which organized trading, for 0.5 ETH ($ 160).

A similar scheme was previously used by the RubiX auction. The company decided to auction one of ten Lykan HyperSport replicas used in the filming of the seventh “Fast and the Furious”. The cars were built by W Motors specifically for the film, but in reality they had little to do with a real supercar worth $ 3.5 million. RubiX has attached NFT to the two-door: a collage of photographs of the car with a resolution of 11520 by 6480 pixels.

And even earlier, Polestar offered to exchange hybrids “1” for works of art – from paintings to photographs. In addition to the buyer and seller, the well-known art consultant Theodore Dalenson and two of the largest auction houses: Sotheby‚Äôs and Philips participated in such a deal. The scheme could be used by residents of Europe and the United States until mid-August this year.

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