Toyota and Lexus will release three green autonovelties by 2021

Toyota and Lexus will release three green autonovelties by 2021


The Japanese company Toyota and its Lexus in the next two years will offer its customers three green autonovelties. About it reports the edition “Autocar”.

Toyota and its luxury Lexus sub-brand by 2021 are going to bring to the market three electric cars. About it journalists were told by representatives of the Japanese automaker. Any details about future environmentally friendly innovations information yet. However, this month during the Tokyo motor show, we will be able to get acquainted with the technology, which will be the basis for all advertised vehicles. It will demonstrate a futuristic concept car from Lexus.

Meanwhile, the lineup of these two brands of electric cars are not listed, buyers choose from cars with petrol and diesel engines, and hybrids.


It is expected that the replenishment of the model range of the brands carts will be quite profitable solution. Moreover, the technology to build all-electric models from Toyota and Lexus are already there.

Meanwhile, the American scientists have found that environmental harm can inflict even electric cars. They have no engine, but there are tires that are considered to be the main source of pollution of coastal waters. The products of wear of the tires make up almost half found on the Pacific coast seven trillion particles of micro-plastic.

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