Toyota announced two new security features

Toyota announced two new security features

The Japanese company has developed two new features for its cars that will be introduced starting next year. The first is called the “Auto Shut Off” and will be fitted to most Toyota models 2020 in the United States. As the name implies, the system will automatically shut down the engine after a specified period of time.

The new feature is designed to prevent prolonged operation of the motor at idle in the case of care of the owner. This can be potentially dangerous if the driver parks the car in his garage and accidentally leaves it opened.

According to the brand, in addition to the automatic engine, future systems will be able to send your smartphone notifications.

The second security feature is called “Automatic Park”. It will be used on models 2020, which is equipped with an electronic handbrake. The system will automatically put the car in Park or include an electronic Parking brake if the driver inadvertently comes out of the car, not moving the transmission mode “P”. Toyota says that the technology is based on the current audible and visual warnings.

Toyota said that the new features are part of their “unwavering commitment to continuous improvement”. Although the owners don’t have to rely on the system, they will be useful to those drivers who often forget about basic things when using the machine.

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