Toyota Aygo hatchback will be higher and will look like a mini SUV

Toyota Aygo hatchback will be higher and will look like a mini SUV


Toyota intends to change the concept a city car Aygo. The third-generation model will be higher, will get increased ground clearance and will look like a mini SUV, according to Autocar referring to the Vice-President of the European branch of the Toyota of Matt Harrison. Premiere of new items is expected in 2021-2022 year.

Matt Harrison stressed that unlike Toyota’s competitors could profitably sell a subcompact model A-class, and stated that annual circulation Aygo is 100 thousand copies. Therefore, the Japanese firm will release a successor Aygo, c, a less “traditional appearance” in the spirit of “actual consumer demands.”

The top Manager of Toyota has denied the information that the new Aygo will be the electric car. According to Harrison, the subcompact model of the electric range will be inevitably expensive, that will scare the target audience. The specialist explained that the third generation Aygo will develop with an eye to possible electrification, but first the market will be released version with an easy and inexpensive internal combustion engine.

Toyota is not afraid of tightening the environmental standard and fines from the European regulatory authorities – according to the calculations of Harrison Japanese firm will be able to meet the standard on average emission of carbon dioxide due to the large number of hybrids. At the same time, by 2021 the European market are planning to bring three “pure” electric vehicle Toyota.


In addition, Matt Harrison outlined the market Outlook “niche” cars Toyota: thanks to the range of environmentally friendly models, the Japanese firm will be able to keep on the European market Land Cruiser and the Supra and GT86. The specialist confirmed that the new GT 86 will once again be developed in cooperation with Subaru, but refrained from details.

Will there be a big demand for mini SUV?

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