Toyota began the production of spare parts for 50-year-old sports car

Toyota began the production of spare parts for 50-year-old sports car


A division of Toyota Gazoo Racing announced the expansion of the program Parts GR Heritage Project, which produces parts for historic sports cars. In the beginning of this year began production of components for the Supra third and fourth generations (series A70 and A80), and now was included in the project and small-scale 2000GT.

Developed in conjunction with Yamaha Dogdore on a conveyor belt lasted from 1967 to 1970-th year, while there were collected only 337 units. For its time, the coupe became a technological leader “Toyota”. The model was equipped with two-liter row “six”, the discs of the magnesium alloy with disc brakes, folding headlights. Due to the weight of only 1120 kg 2000GT can reach a maximum speed of 220 km/h on the level of the European sports cars of the era. The car became famous thanks to a few records as well as the film “you only Live twice” from James bond, especially for which was built a version with an open body.


Sale of spare parts for Toyota 2000GT will start on 1 August – and in his native Japan, and other markets. You can order them as is on the website of the Toyota Gazoo Racing and dealers “Toyota”. But there is one condition: the buyer will have to prove that he is the owner of one of the surviving copies, not the speculator who decided to make some money. For the same reason, for each sports car will identify a limited number of parts.

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