Toyota began to use plastic made of plants in cars

Toyota began to use plastic made of plants in cars


The interior of the second-generation Toyota Mirai hydrogen sedan began to use parts made from the innovative and environmentally friendly Durabio material.

The Durabio material was developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical, it calls it bioengineered plastic. The peculiarity of the material lies in the fact that for its production, not a synthetic, but an organic initial product is used – isosorbide of plant raw materials.

So far, only one element of the car has been made from Durabio – the air conditioning control panel for the rear passengers. In any case, this is the first example of the use of such material on serial machines. They plan to use Durabio for more parts in the future.

The new material has high strength, it is resistant to scratches. In terms of these indicators, Durabio is comparable to conventional plastic.

Although Durabio is a plant-based polymer, it is not biodegradable. It can be widely used in car manufacturing.

Recall that sales of the second generation Mirai began in 2020. The machine is driven by a 174 hp electric motor. The engine is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the energy for which is generated by an electrochemical reaction in hydrogen fuel cells. The second-generation Mirai has a range of 850 kilometers per gas station.

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