Toyota built a car that can clear the air

Toyota built a car that can clear the air


The Japanese automaker announced the creation of LQ, a conceptual vehicle that uses advanced technology to create an emotional connection between car and driver.

The next generation Toyota Concept-i, first presented at the consumer electronics show in 2017, LQ is equipped with an autopilot level 4 and “Yui”, is a powerful interactive tool with artificial intelligence, designed to teach the driver.


“In the past our love for cars was based on their ability to carry us to distant places and to help us in the adventure. Advanced technologies give us the opportunity to combine the lifestyle of customers with new opportunities for interaction. With LQ we proudly offer the vehicle that can provide a customized experience to meet the unique needs of each driver in mobility and to build an even more solid connection between car and driver”, – told the publication the head of the development Department LQ Daisuke IDO.

For mobility, Toyota believes that when people can move freely, anything is possible. This vision is based on the understanding that mobility goes beyond the physical transport and includes the human need to move and recharge emotionally.

LQ follows this philosophy as part of the main topics of the development of “Learn, grow, love.” The technology of automatic driving and Yui LQ, developed in partnership with the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), combine to create a unique mobility experience that builds relationships between the vehicle and the driver, by exploring individual preferences and needs and responding to them.

LQ will be presented to the public on the “Future Expo” in Tokio from October 24 to November 4. Also today, Toyota has announced a public test-drive “Toyota Yui Tours Project 2020”. The launch is scheduled for the period from June to September 2020. Anyone will have the opportunity to register to be selected to participate in LQ, and AI Yui.


LQ has a built-in helper with artificial intelligence named “Yui”, which provides a personalized mobility experience based on the emotional state of the driver and alertness. To ensure safety and comfort, the AI can communicate with the driver using an interactive voice functions seat intended to increase alertness or reduce stress, lights, car, air-conditioning, fragrances, and more. Yui can also select and play music depending on driving conditions and provide information in real time on topics of interest to the driver.

In equipping the concept car Toyota LQ entered the fourth arowana autopilot, the automatic Parking system and a new complex HMI. LQ uses the roof area and pad as an intuitive communication platform for the exchange of information between the vehicle and the passengers. Recessed lighting displays different colors to indicate automatic or manual driving mode, and lights different areas of the foot to indicate which passenger is drawn Yui. In addition, the car will demonstrate the capabilities of the AR-HUD. Display screen augmented reality LQ uses augmented reality to extend the information display area of the display head, supporting safe driving by reducing the eye movement of the driver.

All necessary travel information such as road signs or directions will be displayed in a three-dimensional manner on the windshield. The system helps the driver to monitor the road thanks to the big screen (equivalent to 230 inches), the depth is from 7 to 41 m ahead of the vehicle.

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