Toyota can turn Land Cruiser into an electric car

Toyota can turn Land Cruiser into an electric car


The general engineering conservatism of Toyota has led to the fact that frame SUVs with 8-cylinder engines remain in the range of its products. Toyota is not in a hurry to produce electric cars either, but an electric version of the Land Cruiser existing in a single copy can make it a serial one.

An experimental electric car on a Land Cruiser 70 chassis in a cargo version was built by specialists from the Australian division of Toyota for the BHP mining company, which is now using the car at one of its nickel deposits in the south of the country. By 2030, the Australian company intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent, and the conversion of light commercial vehicles to electric traction is one of the points of the environmental development program.

According to Toyota representatives, the electric version of the Land Cruiser 70 allowed not only to reduce gas emissions, but also the vibration level, since the original version of the car is equipped with a diesel power plant. The car manufacturer is collecting feedback from the company operating the prototype in order to use this experience in the future when creating a serial electric version of the Land Cruiser. Toyota does not specify when such a car will appear.

Now Toyota is preparing to enter the automotive market a new generation of Land Cruiser, which should abandon 8-cylinder engines, and in one of the modifications will even receive a hybrid installation, if rumors are to be believed. The life cycle of a model in this class is measured in years, if not 10 years, so it makes no sense to expect a production electric version of the Land Cruiser in the coming years.

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