Toyota compensates for the resignation of the LC200 with a new frame SUV from Lexus

Toyota compensates for the resignation of the LC200 with a new frame SUV from Lexus


In 2021, Toyota Land Cruiser sales will stop in the United States. The reason lies in weak demand. However, the co-platform luxury Lexus LX will remain in North America. In addition to it, Toyota is preparing another Lexus frame SUV, its development is in full swing.

In an interview with Automotive News, Jack Hollis, head of Toyota Motor North America, noted that it would be unwise to completely withdraw from the SUV market at a time of explosive growth in demand for SUVs.

Customers want brands to offer more options, he said, and it would be “stupid” for Lexus not to follow suit in expanding its portfolio. While Hollis acknowledged that there is room in the Lexus lineup for a similar offering to the Land Cruiser, that’s not all. At the same time, Lexus CEO Andrew Gilleland said the brand has room for growth.

Gilleland added that there is a “thirst” on the part of customers for real frame SUVs and this is the direction that Lexus is “exploring”.

It is possible that the new model will be named Lexus LQ – the company patented this abbreviation in the spring of 2020. While there is no reliable information about what will be this SUV. Given that Lexus already has a more compact GX (similar to the Land Cruiser Prado), we can assume that the LQ will be even larger and more luxurious than the LX.

As for the Toyota Land Cruiser, the current model year will be the last in the history of 63 years of sales in the United States. The main reason is low demand. Over the past 15 years, the Japanese company has sold an average of 2.9 thousand SUVs per year. At the same time, 2020 cannot be called a failure: customers bought 3147 land Cruisers.

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