Toyota Corolla survived the restyle (photos)

Toyota Corolla survived the restyle (photos)


Toyota has introduced an updated Corolla family to the Japanese market. Having survived the planned restyling, the sedan, station wagon and hatchback became even safer, as well as received expanded equipment and a new red body color – Emotional Red III.

The main change in terms of safety was the emergence of the new Plus Support system, which automatically recognizes unintentional pressing of the accelerator pedal, blocking the signal and preventing the car from accelerating. Recently, such incidents have become more common, especially among the elderly in Japan.

Another important innovation is the Nanoe X air purification system, which appeared in the WxB and S trim levels. It was developed with the support of Panasonic and is a generator of nanosized water particles with hydroxyl radicals that effectively suppress the activity of various pathogens, allergens and odors.

The “old” technique. The basic versions of the restyled Corolla put a 116-horsepower 1.2 gasoline turbo engine paired with a variator, and a more expensive hybrid power plant with a total output of 122 hp, powered by a 1.8 aspirated gasoline engine and an electric motor. The drive can still be either front-wheel drive or full.

Sales of the updated Toyota Corolla in Japan have already begun. The sedan costs from 1,936,000 to 2,948,000 yen (from 17,400 to 26,500 dollars at the current exchange rate). For a station wagon they ask for from 2,013,000 to 2,997,500 yen (from 18,100 to 27,000 dollars), and for a hatchback – from 2,169,000 to 2,841,000 yen (from 19,500 to 25,500 dollars).

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