Toyota doubles new Aygo

Toyota doubles new Aygo


This is a concept so far, but we hope it goes into production without any major changes.

Toyota Yaris Cross, presented only last year, may very soon lose its status as the smallest crossover of the brand. We heard about the intention to replace the city hatchback Aygo with a certain raised model back in 2019, and today the European design studio “Toyota” demonstrated what such a car would look like: we meet the Aygo X prologue.

The word “prologue” in the title clearly indicates that we have only a harbinger of a future production car, and X not only emphasizes the “crossover” of the novelty, but also evokes associations with the characteristic design of the front of the model of the outgoing generation. For the next Aygo, the “face” was completely redrawn, but the designers tried to indicate the continuity of generations with a number of strokes in the exterior.

Aygo X prologue received increased ground clearance, larger wheels, original diode lighting technology, the segments of which go to the hood, as if “embracing” it, a massive grille with hexagonal fog lights. With a body that looks set to be strictly five-door, the show car really looks more like a compact city crossover than a humble A-class hatchback. There is a retractable bike rack at the back, and action cameras are built into the mirror housings, but it’s not a fact that all this will reach the conveyor.

The salon is not shown to us yet. They do not disclose any technical characteristics either, but we are unlikely to be mistaken, assuming that after Yaris Aygo will switch to the modular TNGA-B platform.

At the beginning of this year, Toyota completely took control of the plant in the Czech Republic, which it previously shared with the French in a joint venture: together with Aygo, they produced the soplatform Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1, which have already been discontinued by now. Obviously, the Japanese will also make a new cross-hatch for Europe in the same place. The final version can be demonstrated this year, for example, at the new autumn exhibition in Munich.

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