Toyota has announced the launch of suppression function of the acceleration

Toyota has announced the launch of suppression function of the acceleration


In mid 2020 the automaker will introduce the system of suppression of acceleration, which will operate on the basis of data exchange with the connected models.

Representatives of Toyota Motor Corporation said that the company developed the inhibition function of the acceleration, which uses data collected from connected cars to help to identify abnormal operation of the accelerator and to control the acceleration. Toyota plans to install this feature on new cars and submit a new modified system the accelerator control since the summer of this year in Japan.

In an effort to help prevent serious accidents and reduce the damage caused by a malfunction with the accelerator, in 2012 Toyota introduced the intelligent Sonar (ICS). Currently 32 models, or 83% of the model range of the brand, equipped with ICS. Recently, in 2018, Toyota released a modified control system acceleration a wrong use of the pedal for some existing vehicles. Now the system can be installed ??in 12 models, and as at 31 December 2019 has been integrated into 20 300 units of vehicles. However, these devices and systems only work when the sensors detect obstacles such as other cars or walls. The newly developed function of Toyota aimed ??to manage the acceleration due to abnormal accelerator operation, even when there are no obstacles.


The brand studied the statistics of actual accidents, the cause of which was the improper use of the pedal, especially when analyzing a situation when the accelerator pedal is pressed down fully. The characteristics of these incidents were then compared with the big data collected from connected cars. Except in cases when it has been determined that drivers really needed to accelerate quickly intentionally, for example, when turning right or accelerating with the temporary stop, Toyota was able to identify and calculate the cases when the accelerator was wrong. In turn, it is possible to set the control function of acceleration even in the absence of obstacles.

Toyota believes that by combining its existing system ICS with a new reduction function of acceleration, it can do even more to reduce the number of accidents caused by improper use of the gas pedal in Parking lots and in other places.

Despite a downward trend in the number of victims of traffic accidents in Japan each year still lost more than 3 thousand lives. Toyota intends to contribute to the elimination of traffic accidents and fatalities.

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