Toyota has asked suppliers to reduce prices for components

Toyota has asked suppliers to reduce prices for components


Toyota Motor Corp. has used several of its suppliers with a request for lower prices for components due to poor sales and a declining trend in costs against the background of the pandemic. This information on Monday, July 27, shared the Agency Nikkei.

As the portal notes, the Japanese automaker has sent requests to the companies that sell parts for the manufacture of which used certain types of steel, in particular the elements of the motor and suspension. The cost of raw materials for their production diminished, when compared with the 2019 year, because of the situation with coronavirus.

Usually, the prices with the suppliers agreement in April, the start of the financial year or six months in October, but the overall situation has forced Toyota to reconsider this policy.


Japanese company plans the introduction of individual negotiations with each supplier and not going to ask you to set a single price. According to the Agency, some firms that are engaged in the production of parts, also suffered losses during the period of the pandemic and may not accept the offer of Toyota.

In addition, recently it was noted that the company Volvo is working on a new electric vehicle that will get the fancy brand kupeobrazny body.

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