Toyota has created a new platform for compact cars

Toyota has created a new platform for compact cars


The new modular architecture of the GA-B allows you to create compact models in a variety of body styles and enhances the thrill of driving.

Toyota began a gradual preparation for the debut of the new generation Yaris, which should be demonstrated in 2020, by opening a new platform that would support it. The architecture, called GA-B is a derivative of the platform TNGA, which lies at the basis of the European Toyota from the Prius and Corolla to Camry and RAV4. The Japanese firm says its goal is “to improve the design and the driving characteristics of small cars.”

Most importantly, the platform GA-B allows a variable length, wheelbase, width and height, suggesting that Toyota will eventually expand its lineup of small cars, which consists of a Yaris. They say that designers have “the freedom to give each new model a unique look” with the new platform.


The Japanese automaker claims that advanced methods of design give the platform a GA-B “very base”. It can adapt to various schemes of the suspension including a torsion beam or multi-link suspension, alluding to the fact that the more expensive models running on the platform, will benefit from a more advanced tuning.

Further emphasis was placed on lowering the car’s centre of gravity that, according to Toyota, is “a more attractive position for driving” with a steering wheel that can be installed next to the driver.

They also say that there is “more opportunity to create vehicles that have a low height and a wide stance”.

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