Toyota has decided to revive a small mid-engined MR2 Roadster

Toyota has decided to revive a small mid-engined MR2 Roadster

Japanese automaker Toyota is planning to revive the small mid-engined MR2 Roadster. If this happens, most likely in the engine range of the car adds the electric powertrain.

According to the publication Car and Driver, the head of Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda has already talked about his desire to repeat past triumph stamps in class sports cars. To date, the company has created a new generation of Supra 0, model GT86 replaced the market “Celica” and, it turns out, there was only one space in this list – the new generation Toyota MR2.

It is difficult to guess what is under the hood of the Roadster. Toyota is known for its commitment to hybrids, but the company is working to create and all-electric powerplants. In addition, both sport models, which are now presented in the company’s portfolio, was developed in conjunction with other brands: Supra with a BMW and a GT 86 with Subaru, so there is every reason to believe that the MR2 won’t be a development exclusively Toyotas.

That the company plans to bring to market all three models, first began in 2010. Then there was a rumor that in 2013 we will see a new generation of the Roadster with a hybrid powertrain. The rumors were not confirmed, but recently, in March 2017, the head of the company Gazoo Racing, which develops all “charged”, “Toyota”, told me that mark is really going to bring to market not only the new “Supra” and the GT86, but to create a successor to the MR2 Roadster, production of which ended at the third generation in 2007.

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The main competitors of the Roadster may be the new Mazda Miata, but if the Japanese decide to build a fully electric model, the new generation of the MR2 will get an almost complete monopoly in the classroom. In the next five years, the expected emergence of electric Porsche Boxter and Cayman, but mid-engine car from Toyota will definitely beat for the price. It is expected that the fourth generation will be seen until 2024, and the cost will be around $ 45,000.

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