Toyota has no plans to switch to electric cars. I don’t plan to do so far

Toyota has no plans to switch to electric cars. I don’t plan to do so far


Toyota believes it is too early to fully focus on electric vehicles. The Automotive News edition writes about this with reference to the statement of one of the leaders of the concern Shigeki Terashi.

This is due to both insufficient technology development and market demands, so Toyota will continue to develop in several directions at once. Toyota sees several problems at once, which are associated with a hypothetical full transition to electric traction.

This is, for example, the lack of materials for a truly mass production of batteries and the inevitable emissions into the atmosphere that this production provokes. In addition, Toyota executives indicated that not all potential car buyers are ready to switch to electric vehicles.

Thus, the Toyota brand is going to continue to maintain a “balanced model range”, which will feature vehicles with different types of power plants. In addition to traditional internal combustion engines, Toyota will continue to develop hybrid modifications and fuel cell installations, although it does not abandon electric vehicles. By the middle of the decade, the number of electric vehicles in Toyota’s lineup could reach one and a half dozen, although now the brand has only one conceptual battery-powered SUV bZ4X.

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