Toyota has patented in China six new electric cars

Toyota has patented in China six new electric cars


A year ago, Toyota unveiled a battery prototype (pictured), including three crossover, two van, and one either a sedan or a wagon. The company announced that the work on these machines will begin in 2020. they will be Produced in China and Indonesia.

The patent office of China (CNIPA) has adopted the documents for the registration of two electric crossovers Toyota architecture e-TNGA. For the development of these cars of Toyota and the Chinese BYD is already established in Shenzhen, the enterprise BTET. Models will hit the market within five years under several brands (Daihatsu, Isuzu, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki) included in the consortium EV C. A. Spirit Corp.

The biggest and, apparently, three-row crossover interesting protruding nose and backwards, lights in the form of an inverted “L” and C-shaped lights, no door handles, cameras in the mirrors at the top of the front struts, three-color coloring of the stern.


Compact SUV with solid black lining on the wheel arches reminiscent of the concept Suzuki Futuro-e and nameless prototype Subaru. Triangular punch on rear doors look interesting, but afflicts a small area of glazing.

First of all, machines in the pictures can easily be concepts that are patented, just in case. On the other hand, in the harsh conditions of a pandemic, the Japanese will not let money to the wind, and a deadline. By 2025, Toyota has promised the Chinese to produce eight all-electric models, but now offers only one.

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