Toyota has prepared for the Olympic games in Tokyo special drones

Toyota has prepared for the Olympic games in Tokyo special drones


The Japanese brand will give the organizers of the Olympic games in Tokyo 20 unmanned shuttles e-Palette in the special version of “Tokyo 2020”. All of them will run on the Olympic and Paralympic village.

Toyota showed the drones for the Olympics in Tokyo, who let the looped route in the territory of the Olympic and Paralympic village. Such unmanned shuttles e-Palette will move participants and staff. Interestingly, when creating these drones Toyota engineers took into account the wishes of athletes and focused on a particular field of operation. So, thanks to the tips athletes e-Palette received large doors and retractable ramps with electric – they will help to accommodate the Shuttle Paralympians.


Olympic drones, whose length reaches 5 255 mm, can again carry up to 20 passengers, including insuring the driver. Or seven people and up to four athletes in wheelchairs.

e-Palette has at its disposal a software package that, collecting information from cameras, laser rangefinders and high-precision three-dimensional maps, making his route. The new drones Toyota fourth level of autonomy according to the classification of SAE. This means that the shuttles can navigate without human help within given limits. The drone can accelerate up to 19 km/h and its power reserve is 150 km. e-Palette even taught to interact with pedestrians: his optics, like the eyes, illuminates when the drone misses someone or restores energy.

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