Toyota improved the RAV4

Toyota improved the RAV4


The Japanese have adjusted the equipment of the Toyota RAV4 crossover in the domestic market. In particular, conducted an update of the multimedia system. When in 2018, was presented the “fifth” RAV4, it relied on the Central screens seven and eight inches. But appeared in the US in 2019 rechargeable from the wall outlet option Prime and his Japanese counterpart PHV (published in June 2020) standard screen – nine. Now, on the seventh of August, nine inches of steel in all standard base RAV4 in Japan and nezarazene hybrids.

The price range for a regular RAV4 in Japan – from 2 to 3 743 000 539, 000 yen (24 000 – 33 500 dollars), the Hybrid – 3 343 000-4 029 000 (31 700-38 100 dollars), while the PHV version is 4 000-5 000 690 390 (44 400-51 000 dollars).

Multimedia system Ddisplay Audio (DA) with nine-inch display has SmartDeviceLink interfaces, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the data transmission module DCM, hands-free calling and voice control.


In addition, all versions of the SUV in the basic equipment includes the Intelligent Clearance Sonar that prevents the collision of an erroneous use of the accelerator pedal in the Parking lot, or just excessive clicking (bad acceleration). The trim G “Z package”, G Hybrid G new system sweep panorama and Adventure she added as an option.

Nine-inch screen in the interior is decorated in the same way as the previous system with a smaller screen. The exception in the Japanese market was only the most affordable of the X and Hybrid X, where the screen consists of eight inches.

Recall that in Japan, the regular RAV4 is equipped with two-liter gasoline engine (171 HP, 207 Nm) and CVT unit (actuator front or full). Hybrid RAV4 Hybrid is a motor of 2.5 (178 HP, 221 Nm), and the front motor (120 HP, 202 Nm), in the case of front drive. Or the same units, complemented by a separate rear electric motor (54 HP, 121 Nm) to modification with all-wheel drive. Have loads of from a network of hybrid versions of the PHV a combination of units identical to the Hybrid, but the two motors are different settings: DWS – 177 HP and 219 Nm, the front motor 182 HP and 270 Nm. The rear motor gives the same 54 HP and 121 Nm. Battery of 18.1 kWh allows this SUV to go 95 miles without starting the ice (the cycle WLTC).

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