Toyota introduced a budget camper

Toyota introduced a budget camper


The Japanese company Toyota at the international salon Caravan Show 2021 showed 4 new interesting cars for travel at once. Note that all cars were created in partnership with Tinkervan.

The biggest was the Proace Verso Camper car – it is designed for large families who love to spend time in nature. It has a retractable roof, a kitchenette, a refrigerator, and the seats can be rotated.

For those who want to buy a smaller car, it is worth taking a closer look at the Proace Mini Camper – this model is also suitable for commuting. In general, it can be called a link between a comfortable city car and a classic travel car.

There is a bed for 2, a table that can be taken out and a refrigerator that is powered by electricity.

The more compact Proace City Mini Camper costs only 27,547 euros. The larger Proace Verso Camper will cost you 39,699 euros. Toyota also showed 2 more cars – Proace Verso Electric and Toyota Hilux Invincible, although there are no details about them yet.

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