Toyota introduced an incredible concept on the base Prius

Toyota introduced an incredible concept on the base Prius


Japanese Atelier Modellista and TRD teamed up to provide a popular hybrid of a very extravagant body kit.

Futuristic Prius has an official status of a concept Toyota, but its creation is the result of joint efforts of the two courtiers tuning units of the Japanese brand, who first worked together. Called what they did, Ambivalent RD Toyota Prius PHV, and the premiere of the prototype took place at the exhibition Tokyo Auto Salon dedicated to the industry of tuning.

In the framework of the joint project designers Modellista was responsible for the concept of the exterior and the task of the TRD engineers were just a little to bring wild fantasies of stylists to reality. It is alleged that the alien appearance of the concept is completely thought out from the point of view of aerodynamics, despite the blatant over-saturation of the exterior decorative elements.

And if the front part of the concept can still be present on the production car (although the peace hybrid and reminded supercars Lamborghini), in the stern of the Prius artists openly frolic. Toyota not only provided an impressive Central “fin”, but also supported his visual “rhymes” on the rear fenders.

In addition, the radical line is specified by a longitudinal rib, extends along the lid up to the diffuser and the bumper got impressive cutouts that mimic the air intakes. Finally, all the elements of the exterior, the designers are key, provided the caller led.

Of course, one is unlikely to expect something like that on the conveyor the Toyota Prius. But a design exercise, without a doubt, came out spectacular.

How do you like the appearance of the concept Prius?

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