Toyota introduced electric flying metlaw

Toyota introduced electric flying metlaw


Toyota brought to the Tokyo motor show in a few unusual concepts, some of which are even electric flying broom.

The prototype was called the e-broom and, as they say themselves the creators, they were inspired by broom used by witches for flying. According to the authors, the concept needs to merge man and machine, re-opening the fun of mobility. How exactly this should happen, the company explained.

Except for the flying broomstick, the Japanese showed some more unusual prototypes. Among them, for example, a mobile unmanned “ambulance”, which allows to pass a “medical exam of the future” right on the way to the hospital. The concept of e-Care with a facial recognition system transmits patient data to the doctor, and man he can talk with the doctor during the trip.

Single prototype e-4me is a mobile platform with the function of virtual reality. Each passenger will be able to use the concept of discretion: he could be and rehearsal base, and a wardrobe, and a gym.

Racing game e-Racer will allow everyone to feel like a professional racer. Due to special technology the prototype of the “wings” on everyone who sits in it, racing suit, and special digital glasses will provide complete immersion and the feeling of being on a real track.

Additionally, Toyota has not forgotten about the environment – the prototype of the e-Chargeair is a mobile charger for the battery. It can not only supply electricity to the car and the city, but also work as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and perform the function of air purifier.

Toyota also built a more traditional prototypes for the dealership – for example, the concept of LQ, which is equipped with an autopilot fourth level and system of artificial intelligence of the student named Yui. The car is able to analyze the situation and to inform occupants about the condition of the road surface or traffic, and to communicate with people who are outside of the cabin due to the digital Micromirror device.

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