Toyota is preparing a new generation of car Mirai

Toyota is preparing a new generation of car Mirai


In 2020, Toyota will introduce a new generation of car Mirai fuel cell. The debut of the first generation of this model took place in 2014.

In December 2014, Toyota began taking orders for its new sedan Mirai hydrogen fuel. Brand planned to produce 400 units of this model per month, but the number of received pre-orders has forced the automaker to change plans, increasing production of its hydrogen sedan. Now it became known that next year Toyota is going to complete the work on the second generation Mirai, running on fuel cells. Information about this was made during an international meeting in Tokyo, dedicated to hydrogen energy. More details about the future novelty, unfortunately, not yet.


According to experts, after the change of hydrogen generation, this sedan will keep its futuristic design, while becoming more modern.

Recall that Toyota Mirai was the first car on hydrogen fuel elements intended for the mass market.

Do you think hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai is the future?

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