Toyota is preparing a real “evil”!

Toyota is preparing a real “evil”!

FineAuto has at its disposal spy shots of the yet unannounced hardcore version of the Toyota GR Yaris. Camouflage on the front fenders, under which additional ventilation holes are apparently hidden, indicates that this is a certain “charged” version. Currently, the prototype is being tested at the Nürburgring race track: according to one version, it could be a new generation Yaris GRMN, although there is no official confirmation of this yet.

Judging by the license plates, this is not the first time this prototype has hit the lens of a spy camera. In October last year, a hatchback with the same number was tested at the Nurburgring, but it had a huge rear wing and a developed aerodynamic body kit – the GR Yaris, captured in fresh pictures, did not get either. suggests the photos may indicate the return of Yaris GRMN. The hot hatch of the previous generation debuted in 2017 and was equipped with a 1.8-liter “four” with a supercharged drive, which developed 212 horsepower and was combined with a manual transmission. At the time of market launch, it had the best weight-to-power ratio in its class, at 5.35 kilograms per horsepower.

Yaris GRMN accelerated from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.3 seconds, and its top speed was 230 kilometers per hour.

The previous Yaris GRMN was released in a limited edition: for example, the quota for Europe was only 400 copies.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the Toyota Yaris from the FineAuto team:

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