Toyota is preparing for the premiere of a small SUV

Toyota is preparing for the premiere of a small SUV


Appeared fresh details about compact SUV Raize. The first new Toyota will receive the Japanese, then it should reach other markets.

Rumors that Toyota is preparing for the premiere of a small SUV, go for a long time. As previously reported, this SUV needs to develop, together with belonging to auto giant brand Daihatsu. A few days ago information was confirmed: the Network “leaked” the scanned pages of the brochure on the new Toyota, plus the photos loaded on the Transporter vehicles. Crossover called Raize, he’s not just created with Daihatsu is a clone only-just unveiled at the Tokyo SUV subsidiary brand, externally, they differ only in the design front. Now publishing Creative Trend published a picture of the interior of the Toyota Raize, in addition, a user under the nickname syogt0928 posted on his Twitter a couple of fresh “live” shots.

So, inside Raize copies cross Daihatsu. The name of the latter, incidentally, has not yet officially announced, but thanks all the same spy photos, we know that this SUV has revived the name Rocky, the so — called compact frame SUV Daihatsu with permanent all-wheel drive, which produced in the 90-ies of the last century. The new Rocky, of course, monocoque, the model is built on the platform DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) is a kind of TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture).

In another edition, Creative Trend argues that even the dimensions of the models are identical with a length of 3995 mm, width – 1695 mm, height – 1620 mm, wheelbase is 2525 mm. Well, the leaked picture we can see the amount of Luggage Raize – 369 liters. Obviously, the crossover Daihatsu same figures.

According to preliminary data, the vehicle is also the same: the “base” SUVs have a Smart Assist from Daihatsu, which includes auto brake system (with detection of pedestrians), traffic sign recognition, warning about withdrawal from the occupied bandwidth and monitoring “blind” zones. Rich trim is still based on adaptive cruise control systems holding lane and Parking assistance.


The Japanese and Toyota Raize, and will offer a Daihatsu Rocky with petrol “Turbotronic” 1.0 (98 HP, 140 Nm) and a CVT. Actuator – front or full, although at the motor show in Tokyo, Daihatsu showed only a front-wheel-drive option. Later crossovers can also get a hybrid installation based on the air motor 1.2.

In the homeland of Toyota’s crossover Raize will present on 5 November, it is expected that this will be the most affordable model in the SUV range of the brand. Then, apparently, will go on sale and Daihatsu Rocky.

Meanwhile, both crosses will be global under the brand Daihatsu model will sell in countries of Southeast Asia, and Raize needs to get to South America and other regions. Moreover, in different markets, the new model Toyota may be different – from the size to the engine range.

Would the emergence of such a model in Ukraine?

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