Toyota Land Cruiser deprive the iconic V8 engine

Toyota Land Cruiser deprive the iconic V8 engine

Among the main reasons why the Toyota Land Cruiser has enjoyed great popularity among customers, was a powerful and torquey 5.7-liter V8 engine that provides 380 horsepower.

However, it seems that the Toyota V8 engines in diesel and petrol performance will soon be past and the new generation SUV will lose the usual power plants.

Indirectly this information was confirmed by head of Department of development of Toyota Australia’s Bernard Nadal, who noted that most car brands refuse to V8, in an effort to improve the environmental performance of vehicles, and that these failures have a global trend.

Now Toyota is focused on developing a smaller V6, which, however, should be more powerful than the current V8, and will also receive a hybrid modification in addition to conventional petrol and diesel version. The new generation SUV is expected in 2021.

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