Toyota launches tiny electric car

Toyota launches tiny electric car


Production of tiny city car was started before its official presentation, scheduled for the end of 2020. Japanese innovation is just 2 490 millimetres in length and will be offered to buyers in two versions.

This charming little box on wheels – is already more than just a concept car, which can be set on auto. Representatives of the company Toyota declare that this is a fully production-ready electric car, which should go on sale in Japan by the end of 2020. Automaker positions its new product double as the perfect vehicle for narrow city streets, and as the main audience are considered elderly, and those who have recently received a driver’s license.

Ultra-compact electric vehicle with a total length of 490 mm 2, width 1 290 mm and a height of 1 550 mm actually even shorter than in German Smart ForTwo electric version of EQ. Its tiny size makes it ideal for “urban jungle”, especially in cities such as Tokyo.


Toyota says nothing about the size of the battery, but we know that the stored energy will allow the machine to overcome on a single charge of about 100 kilometers. Ultra-compact BEV promises to offer an extremely short turning radius and maximum speed of 60 km/h, which is more than you’ll ever need in a crowded city.

The machine will be offered in two versions – one for personal use and another for business travel. The latter will receive such important options like folding Desk for tablet and more expensive finishing materials.

Next week, Toyota will present Ultra-Compact BEV at the Tokyo motor show along with the more compact i-ROAD and a few electric vehicles as well as wheelchair.

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