Toyota LC 300: you can’t buy

Toyota LC 300: you can’t buy


Frame SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 300 was a long-awaited novelty in Japan. The interest in the car is so high that the manufacturer began to worry that it would fall into the wrong hands. In this regard, Toyota has banned the resale of the Land Cruiser 300.

According to the Japanese publication Creative311, in just a month, Toyota dealers collected more than 22,000 orders for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Given the high demand, the company began to worry that a certain number of cars were being booked for unofficial export, including for resale to third parties … In the worst case scenario, the legendary SUVs can get terrorists, which will negatively affect the image of the series.

Restrictions on resale have another goal – to avoid price gouging by speculators. Since at first production will not keep up with demand, all kinds of businessmen will want to cash in on this scarce commodity.

To combat these phenomena, buyers are forced to sign an agreement in which the customer promises not to resell the vehicle. In the event of a breach of obligation, Toyota will waive future transactions with that person or company.

According to the source, the Japanese dealers of Toyota have completely stopped accepting orders for the Land Cruiser 300 by now, since the queue has already stretched for two years in advance under the existing contracts. The 70th Anniversary is the most coveted version among buyers.

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