Toyota Mirai has set a new record for range

Toyota Mirai has set a new record for range


Toyota Mirai hydrogen sedan has set a new world record for cruising range without refueling. On the public roads of the French departments of Loire-et-Cher and Indre-et-Loire, the car drove more than a thousand kilometers.

The record race took place on May 26. Around 6 a.m., the second-generation Toyota Mirai left the HysetCo hydrogen station (a Toyota and Air Liquide venture) in the French commune of Orly south of Paris and set off for a drive through the departments of Loir and Cher and Indre et Loire. In total, the car traveled 1003 kilometers, which is 116 more than the result of the Hyundai Nexo hydrogen crossover and 353 passport mileage. At the same time, four drivers were alternately replaced by the car.

Among them was Victorien Herussard, founder of Energy Observer and captain of the catamaran of the same name, equipped with a compact hydrogen module adapted from Mirai. This experimental yacht is equipped with two wind turbines, 130 square meters of solar panels, a towing kite, two electric motors for hydrogen generation, an electrolyser and 62 kilograms of hydrogen cylinders.

Like the catamaran, the Mirai sedan was fueled with so-called green hydrogen for a record run. Energy for its generation is obtained from renewable sources, which means the complete absence of harmful emissions. The average consumption on the route was 0.55 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers. According to Toyota, drivers used an economical driving style, with smooth accelerations and stops, but without special techniques that are not available to ordinary car owners.

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