Toyota postpones release of new GT 86 coupe due to strong resemblance to Subaru

Toyota postpones release of new GT 86 coupe due to strong resemblance to Subaru


The release of the second generation Toyota GT86 coupe, which is promised a new GR86 index, is delayed. While the second generation of the Subaru BRZ twin debuted in November last year, Toyota’s coupe has been expected this year. However, according to the Japanese edition of Best Car Web, Toyota President Akio Toyoda ordered the 86 development team to differentiate it more from the BRZ in terms of performance. This almost certainly means a shift in release dates. The Japanese predict their debut in March 2022.

The previous generation GT86 had an aspirated 2.0, which developed, depending on the market, 200–207 forces. The new one is expected to add 400 “cubes” and at least three dozen “horses”.

The new 86 will outwardly disperse with the BRZ radiator grille, front bumper and some optics. Shown here is Best Car Web’s prediction based on spy footage and model patents.

It is not necessary that we are talking about a greater engine power from Toyota (in BRZ, we recall, there is an atmospheric boxer 2.4 with a return of 231 hp and 250 Nm, combined with six-speed “mechanics” and “automatic”). But more significant differences in chassis, transmission, steering and accelerator response are pretty obvious.

By the way, there were discrepancies in previous generations, created according to the same project of Toyota and Subaru. Different springs and a number of other reconfigured elements made it possible to speak of the own character of each coupe. And yet they were very close to each other. Akio Toyoda wants them to diverge more than before. The earlier launch of the two-door BRZ on the market gives it a head start in terms of circulation. But it is worth remembering that in the last pair, it was Toyota that sold much better than its twin brother.

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