Toyota prepares a convertible Supra Targa

Toyota prepares a convertible Supra Targa

The Japanese automaker recently released a new generation sports car the Toyota Supra, but it became known that in development is a version of the Targa.

The Best Car magazine recently interviewed chief project engineer Tetsuya Tada, the Supra about the possibility of the appearance of the model with an open top. Despite the somewhat unreliable translations of Japanese news articles, it seems that Tada is open to the idea of the appearance of a new Toyota Supra in the body Targa, but could not confirm that the model appears on the market.

The creation of the convertible Supra should not present problems for engineers of the brand as the BMW Z4, which the Supra shares its platform, sold exclusively as a convertible. The Toyota Supra also has in its history, the cars in the version of the Targa – the third and the fourth generation of a sports car.

According to Tada, if a Japanese car manufacturer will get enough applications for new Supra Targa, “it can be done.”

At the moment, the new Supra is sold in Europe and the USA exclusively in the coupe with a 3.0-liter engine from the BMW 8-speed ??automatic transmission. The fourth generation Supra was built for nearly a decade, so if the new car will have the same long production cycle, Toyota will have plenty of time to offer a car in a variety of forms.

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