Toyota RAV4 retake the moose test

Toyota RAV4 retake the moose test


In the autumn the Swedish publication Teknikens Varld has published the results of their own tests popular crossover Toyota RAV4 at the subject the ability to cope with the so-called “elk test” – a maneuver that simulates the detour of suddenly arisen obstacles. The results of journalists, to put it mildly, discouraged.

Testers noted the “dangerous behavior” of the crossover during the maneuver, stating that “electronic stability control system responds with delays”. Toyota did not ignore these statements, noting that the in-plant test RAV4 was a success, and the modalities of the Swedish tests, unknown to them, but an internal inquiry the company initiated.

The result was developed by Toyota pack software for on-Board system of exchange rate stability: the system reacts to external stimuli earlier, more rapid Cycling of the brakes. On serial machines the new software will be installed in the second quarter of this year, but testers Teknikens Varld has already been given the opportunity to communicate with the upgraded RAV4.


And experts came to the conclusion that the update went crossover benefit. He is now able to cope with the “moose test” at a speed of 72 km/h, whereas previously the problems with sustainability started at a speed of 68 km/h.

Meanwhile, it is unclear whether Toyota through its network of dealerships to implement the updated software already implemented crossovers, running a kind of revocable campaign.

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