Toyota released a promotional video for the new generation coupe Supra

Toyota released a promotional video for the new generation coupe Supra

The automaker is launching a digital ad campaign, which consists of eight videos with the new generation of the Supra (index A90). Currently only view three of them.

I must say that the videos turned out great, especially that last 30 seconds we put it on the top of this page.

There is everything you need for a quick ride and speed the passage of the drifts, small flying, smoke from the wheels, it’s got all the traits of the legendary Toyota Supra coupe.

The other two videos (below on the page) are much shorter on one of them shows the yellow copy of Japanese cars, which is effectively included in the skid and on the top the camera will capture the trail of the wheels diligently displays a smiley face on the pavement. The last clip puts new A90 Supra “nose-to-nose” with its legendary predecessor in interesting comparison. We have already seen similar images of a “family reunion”, but this reminds us how big in size is the coupe version of the A80, at least when compared with the current generation A90.

“The return of the Toyota Supra for a long time, and it’s worth it, said ed Laux, Vice-President of group marketing at Toyota in North America. “The new campaign emphasizes the thrill of exploring an even more powerful version of the Supra GR 2020 model year and rediscovers the simple joy of driving”.

Toyota Supra sports coupe in the performance of the Launch Edition will arrive in showrooms at the end of this month at a starting price of 55 $ 250. If you show some patience, the standard model will go on sale this year at a base price of 49 990 USD.

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