Toyota: spinning new!

Toyota: spinning new!


Appeared a patent from Toyota, which demonstrates the special technology. It seems that specialists working on the car that can do more than just move back and forth.

Of course, there are already vehicles that can drive all four wheels, but the way in which it makes Toyota is the future for the average consumer. Indeed, on the American forum have appeared sketches of the patents that show that the wheels can rotate independently from each other to such an extent that perhaps a full offset to the side. It seems that the wheels can rotate fully, even in a stationary state, so that the movement direction can also be reversed to side and even diagonally.


In accordance with the patent application, all four wheels are driven with its own power supply. This is sure to be an electric car with four motors. It is still unclear when and whether we will see this technology in Toyota, but the application seems obvious. This technique would be ideal for urban transport, for example, because of its maneuverability and ability to Park in small spaces. Maybe it will be Autonomous or semi-Autonomous urban vehicle.

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