Toyota spoke about the future of their sub-brands GR and TRD Performance

Toyota spoke about the future of their sub-brands GR and TRD Performance


As it turned out, a special unit of the Japanese brand who have been creating higher-performance versions of production models of Toyota, can exist parallel to each other. We are talking about sub-brands GR and TRD Performance.

For 40 years, the division of the Japanese automaker, which received the designation Toyota Racing Development or TRD abbreviation is court tuning Studio of the company, which is engaged in the creation of more efficient versions of the production cars of the brand. These guys are developing blowers, compressors, suspension parts and much more. And I must say that these versions of regular models are very popular – take for example the pick-up Tacoma or 4Runner SUV. The same applies to luxury sedans Camry and Avalon – the two cars look more aggressive versions from TRD.

But in 2017, the Japanese automaker introduced another sub-brand that will focus on creating more powerful versions of the Toyota models – we are talking about Gazoo Racing or GR. It is worth noting that the new company was released the more “evil” version of the hatchback Yaris (pictured), which boasts all-wheel drive and 257-horsepower engine.


Within his recent interview, Vice President of Toyota marketing, ed Laux, said that both the sub-brand performance can coexist in some countries simultaneously with each other, in particular the United States.

While the TRD are more improved and improved versions of conventional models Toyota, cars under the prefix GR made in many ways different from the usual Toyota.

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